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a comparison and analysis of hiroshima

A COMPARISON AND ANALYSIS OF HIROSHIMA: AN ACT OF TERRORISM BY: MICHAEL WALZER AND HIROSHIMA: A SOLDIER'S VIEW BY: PAUL FUSSELL This documented discussion will address and include analysis, comparison, stylistic contrast, purposes, personae, and argumentative techniques of Michael Walzer's Hiroshima: An Act of Terrorism and Paul Fussell's Hiroshima: A Soldier's View. Additionally, this author will include specific doctrine by President Harry S. Truman as relates to the content. During his term in office, Harry Truman addressed the Congress and paid homage to Franklin D. Roosevelt and pledged to follow his policies. Truman reaffirmed the allied military policy of unconditional surrender and held out a vision of future peace achieved through the United Nations and through continued cooperation among the allies. He held his first press conference on the 17th of April and again reaffirmed his commitment to Roosevelt's policy. (Pemberton, William E., Harry S. Truman, Fair Dealer and Cold Warrier, p. 37). Truman's doctrines and policies are reflected here and are seen to persist during a time where much devastation was wreaked in the name of a greater and longer lasting ideal. The military and moralistic implications are indeed far-reaching and reflected and expressed in various literary form, particularly poignant in Paul Fussell's Hiroshima: A Soldier's View. The scene takes place in New York City. The speaker states, "In life, experience is a great teacher. In Scotch, Teachers' is the great experience." This is a recollection of a whiskey ad, and brings to mind that experience is common to those in the military and particularly those who were taught to recall that, "To close with the enemy and destroy him." The story, from a soldier's perspective, illuminates the ugliness and banality of what war is all about. The story teller speaks of a certain expression of contempt and ridicule which pervaded the American climate amongst those who s...

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