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bio terrorism

Anthrax, an infectious and usually fatal disease of warm-blooded animals, particularly sheep, goats, and other ruminants, that can on occasion, be transmitted to humans. Human-to-human spread generally does not occur. By common usage, anthrax also refers to the causative agent, Bacillus anthracis. This bacterium is present in soil worldwide. Anthrax is a well suited as a bioweapon because it is capable of forming hardy spores that can remain stable for decades. The deadliest form of this disease occurs when the spores are inhaled and germinate in the lungs. Death can be rapid. (Vector, 394). Biological terrorism is on the prowl in todays world. Since our attack in New York on September eleventh, terrorism is one of this countrys biggest problems. Robin Cook wrote Vector, one of his many books about biological warfare. This fiction talks about the collapse of Russia. At that time, many of Russias scientists were mad at America because they all lost their jobs. This one particular biological scientist named Yuri decided to move to New York to start a new life. The only job that he could get was to be a cab driver. This was because he has Russian credentials, which was not accepted in the United States. This make Yuri mad, so he decided to get back at NY. He wanted to attack NY with a biological weapon. He had the knowledge and skills to create anthrax. Now he just needed the manpower and a lab. Yuri joined forces with a white hate group with the same goal in mind. They wanted to release anthrax in two doses. The first dose was to be released in an air conditioning duct at a heavily populated building. The second dose of anthrax was to be put in a pesticide truck and released in mainstream NY. The plan was set, but Yuri had only one problem. He could not develop enough anthrax for both releases. So he used baking powder to trick the white hate group in believing that it was the anthrax that was suppose to be rele...

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