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Childrens IQ

The controversy of the IQ test has been going on since We will take a look at the pros and thecons of IQ testing. IQ testing has been debated for a long time and we willtake a look at the pros for IQ testing. A major reason whyIQ testing is so widely used is that they are standardised,reliable and valid. IQ testing is a very good predictor onhow children will do in school. Todays IQ testing are setup that there are certain tests for children and differenttests for adults. The most widely used intelligence test foradults is the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale or the WAIS.And the most widely used childrens IQ test is the WechslerIntelligence Scale for Children. Intelligence test given inkindergarten begin to predict academic achievement in thefollowing years. These test are reliable in the sense thatthey yield dependable consistent scores. These test are alsoconsistent throughout life. Also IQ scores predictivevalidity correlates well with highschool grades, about+0.50.(Cornbach, 1970 ; Bernstein et al, 1997).IQ tests alsocorrelate with how you do outside school; such as youroccupational status IQ testing for job employment is verysuccessful at finding new employees and is good atidentifying hard workers. IQ testing also has the ability toidentify gifted students with unique educational andsocio-emotional needs. Also IQ tests can identify studentsthat are underachievers, have low verbal ability, havehandicaps such as learning disabilities, behaviouraldisorders, hearing impairments, visual impairments, andphysical impairments. (Kaufman & Harrison, 1986). As we cansee IQ testing is very good at establishing how you are todo in your academic career and also a good indication ofyour academic standing in life.There are also many opposing ideas to IQ testing. Pasttests were not good for adults because they were calculatedfrom there mental age meaning that if a person the age of 40did as well as a 20 year old then they would have a IQ of50....

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