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Kali vs Durga

etween each other. Kinsley writes, "she entices Shiva himself to dangerous, destructive behavior." Durga is seen as Shiva's wife. Durga's effect on Shiva is like an energy sucking sedative. Instead of giving power to him, as Kali does, she drains the power from him making him relax. Tracy Pintchman writes in her book The Rise of the Goddess in the Hindu Tradition, "Durga does not lend her power or sakti to a male consort but rather takes power."Durga is the queen of the cosmos. Durga destroys whatever is causing a problem, usually demons, with the universe. She upholds the balance and keeps everything stable. Kali helps Durga in battle most of the time. Sometimes Kali gets a little too excited with the battling and becomes very destructive. She does not intend to destroy the universe. When she gets in combat her blood desire takes over and works her up into a delirium of damaging passion. Pintchman says, "Kali, however, becomes so intoxicated by the bloodlust of battle that she threatens to destroy the whole world with her fury." Once she gets going she can't seem to stop.Kali and Durga do not fit into the normal realm of a Hindu woman. Durga is independent, and strong. She thinks for herself and does not require a man to help her. She does the task of battle which is associated with men. Kinsley writes, "In many respects Durga violates the model of the Hindu woman. She is not submissive, she is not subordinated to a male deity, she does not fulfill household duties, and she excels at what is traditionally a male function, fighting in battle." She takes male deities' power and uses it to her own advantage. Kali is way outside the Hindu view of an appropriate woman. She runs around naked, lives in a cremation ground, gets drunk, eats flesh, and has inappropriate sex. Kali is always dominant over her consort Shiva. Durga is Kali and Kali is Durga. When Durga is doing battle with a demon she needs some extra backing so ...

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