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Monotheism Vs Polytheism

Different religions exist because not everyone has the same spiritual needs or responds best to the same style of worship. Monotheism, the worship of one deity (, appeals to one type of person, whereas polytheism, the worship of many deities (, appeals to another, much like how different music styles appeal to different people.The Revolutionary War was an enormous part of American history. The revolution in Russia, that sparked the overthrow of communism, was a huge part of Russian history. The revolution of Christianity, one of the monotheistic religions, from the concepts of Greek gods, one of the polytheistic religions, was also a large part of religious history.There are only three modern religions that are monotheistic: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam (Donceel 52). For comparison purposes, this paper will use the concepts and ideas brought forth by the Bible and Christianity. The book of Genisis begins by assuming that there is only one true God that created the Heavens and Earth and rules over it, and that assumption is maintained throughout the Old Testament as well as the New Testament. Christians believe that God gave His only son, Jesus. “For God so loved the world, that gave is only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” John 3:16 (KJV)When Jesus was put to death by humans, He told the people, He would die to forgive their sins. This shows that God and His son were both caring and forgiving beings. They are respected by the followers of Christianity. God helps humans. Humans pray to God for help and forgiveness. People also go to church, the place of worship, to learn more about the Christian religion, to pay their respects to God, and to maintain a personal relationship with Jesus (Deut. 4:35, 39; 5:7; 32:39; Exod. 20:3; Josh 24:15; 1 Kgs. 18:21; Hos. 4:12; Isa. 2:8, 20; 17:8; 31:7; 45:21; Jer. 10:5, ...

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