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Today Zoroastrianism is the smallest world religion, it is also known as Zarathushtra Din. No one really knows the exact number of people currently practicing Zoroastrianism. It is estimated that the number of believers is fewer than 200,000. This is a very tiny minority when compared to other large world religions, such as Islam and Christianity. They are still a proud and active group united to keep they're religion alive and strong.(Hartz, Paula 8)World Wide Religion~Although Zoroastrianism has a rather small group of followers, it is very wide spread. This religion can be found all over the world, New Zealand, England, Singapore, Germany, Australia, India, Pakistan, Canada, Iran, and the U.S. Many of the religious practices differ from country to country though. (Harts, Paula 8)World Wide Pressures~There are many pressures on such a small group of followers, that is so widely spread apart . The pressure of living in other cultural societies without other people who have the same religious beliefs may likely pull believers from Zoroastrians. Another problem is being surrounded by millions of people with a variety of different religious beliefs.(Hartz,Paula 8)Future Of Zoroastrians~Zoroastrians actually question whether their religion can make it in the long run. Due to the scattered and lost amount of believers, all the pressure of the larger world religions, and cultures almost force Zoroastrians to give up Some traditional rituals and practices.(Hartz, Paula pg.111)PracticesSacred Fires~The ritual of a sacred fire is one that is still commonly used. Only highest of priests known as Dasturju Dasturau, and most purified is allowed to conduct these sacred burns. Sacred fires are traditionally seen at weddings, funerals, and initiations. The fire represents Ahura Mazda, and his goodness, and righteousness. (Hartz, Paula pg.94)Keeping The Fire~There are rituals for purifying the sacred fires. The process is performed 1,128 times befo...

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