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el salvador

Much of El Salvador's problems come from a long time ago, mostly beginning in the 1930's. From the 1930's until about the 1960's and 1970's much of the problem in El Salvador was about the land and the economy. From the 1960's and 1970's through 1992 most of the problems consisted of battles between government and opposition groups and basic denial of human rights. It's through this time that religion begins to play a role in the problem of El Salvador. It's during much of the late 1970's and early 1980's that many people of El Salvador lost their lives. In the following text I will discuss more thoroughly in detail the problems of land, economy, government, and human rights in El Salvador.It was in 1932 popular unrest from peasants and land workers made a collapse in the coffee market sending us them into a worldwide depression. At this time General Maximiliano Hernandez Martinez was in power and he responded to this depression with fire and bloodshed. This slaughter cost thirty thousand peasants their lives. "La Matanza", Spanish for massacre, is one of the biggest massacres in El Salvador. The uprising was blamed on a party known as the Communists Party and was started because of low wages. The leader, Agustin Farabunduo Marti, was arrested and executed for supposedly setting it up. A historian from the massacre describes the event as follows:Almost of the rebels, except the leaders, were difficult to identify, arbitrary classifications were set up. All those who were found carrying machetes were guilty. All those of a strong Indian cast of features, or who dressed in a scruffy, campesino costume, were considered guilty. To facilitate the roundup, all those who had not taken part in the uprising were invited to present themselves at the comandancia to receive clearance papers. When they arrived they were examined and those with the above mentioned attributes seized. Tie by the thumbs to those before and behind then, in t...

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