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After a long day full of work and confusion, I decided that it would be a good idea to go to the poetry reading at eight PM. I got all of my homework done and ate dinner also. It was now about seven twenty and I heard a knock at my front door. It was my RA; he was just reminding me that he was going to leave in a few minutes. Soon Jeff, another girl and I headed to the place where the reading was taking place. When we got there, all the seats in the back were full. This ended the back up plan, which consist of leaving out if the poet was very bad. We soon found three seats in the middle of the auditorium. The electrical people were all over the stage trying to get the microphone to work. After about twenty minutes of watching people trying to fix the microphone, I was very convinced that I was not going to like this night. Mr. Andrews Hudgins reminded me of the stereotypical unibomber, who had no microphone and recited poems such as the “Pissy Christ”; those are just a couple of reasons why I really disliked this poet and his poetry.
The poet looked a lot like someone who would be in the paper listed as the unibomber. He was a middle-aged balding man who looked a lot like a killer. Mr. Hudgins spoke with a tone of a crazy man, but the main problem was his type of poetry. When he started to read his poems, I was completely disappointed in his choice of topics. The type of poems that he read reinforced how I felt about his image at first. As the program progressed Mr. Hudgins appeared to be crazier than I thought in the beginning.
Aside from his scary appearance, Mr. Hudgins was practically yelling the entire time because he had no microphone. When we walked in and sat down, there were people walking all on stage and in the sound room. At first no one knew why the electricians were walking around, and I really could care less why the people were walking around. All I cared about at that time was hearing some poetry and going home. Since the microphone did not seem to be working, and everyone seemed to be getting a little impatient; the show went on.
During the whole show Mr. Hudgins was yelling. He was trying to make sure the whole audience heard his poetry; however, this was not to his benefit because he was already a site to look at, and he made lots of facial expressions which did not complement his features at all. Just imagine the unibomber yelling at you about a “Pissy Christ.” To most people that is enough to disgust and disappoint all in one. I was looking forward to hearing some nice romantic soft poetry; instead, I felt as though I was in a lion’s den surrounded by loud playing Punk Rock music.
The worst thing, besides the appearance of the poet and his vocal energy, was his type of poetry. People who prefer his type harsh poetry might have enjoyed the program, but people like myself who like more subtle and relaxing poetry would not enjoy Mr. Hudgins at all. He had poems such as: “My Fathers Corpse,” “Babylon in a Jar,” “Rain” and “Pissy Christ.” The only poem he recited that did not have any thing to do with blood was “The China Berry Tree,” which I could not even hear because he had no microphone.
The two worst poems I heard that night were “Rain” and “Pissy Christ.” The poem titled “Rain” was very negative. It was about a murderer who was killing women all over town, and scattering their body parts around off of different highways. I think that the media exploits subjects such as murder, and writing a poem about a murderer is only adding to the problem. I was even more appalled because the poem never mentioned a man being killed and scattered all over the highway. I am not condoning this type of poetry, but why must society find this constant image of women being a weaker sex as an entertaining topic. I feel that women are weaker in some aspects, but this type of poetry is very unnecessary.
The last poem that Hudgins recited was called “Pissy Christ.” When I heard the title of this poem I was very tempted to walk out; however, I figured since it was his last poem maybe I should stay. In this poem he talked about Christ Jesus being born through the womb of his mother. The reason for his title was because he stated that the womb is in between the anus and the pee whole. The poem went on to say that Christ was covered with blood and piss when born from his mother’s womb. As if this was not a topic that I would have wanted to hear he went on and on about it. Hudgins said that when Christ was being put on the cross he was pissy, and bloody like a newborn baby. I am a person who is very conscience of the way Christ is talked about, and something about this poem just did not seem morally correct to me.
I was totally disappointed with Mr. Hudgins and his horrible poetry. I was very disgusted and upset when I left the reading. If I would have known that it was going to be that bad, I would have stayed in my room and studied. I did not like the poet’s appearance, tone, or his type of poetry. I went to the reading in a good mood, and came back home contemplating whether or not I should ever go to another one again. I was totally disappointed and would highly recommend that people who like smooth mellow poetry like myself, never to go to the reading of Andrew Hudgins poetry. It will only upset you, and leave you wondering what made him write about such negative subjects.

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