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Gender Inequality Research

Gender equality is a broad topic with many different angles that can be examined. For my part inthis project I chose to research the changing perspective on gender inequalities in schools. Iwanted to find out what people really felt about the fairness of their education, and whether theyreally felt they had been shortchanged in the learning process because of their sex. My resultswere generally what I had expected to find, though there were a few interesting findings along theway. I used an article from Education Week entitled, “The Silent Gender Gap”, An empiricalresearch project conducted by Molly Weinburgh of Georgia State University, and I conducted myown research by using surveys and interviewing people about what they remember from their daysin the public schools.I wanted to answer the question as to whether or not gender really played a role in theequality of people’s education. I expected to find that the further back through time I looked, themore evidence I would find of there being a general sentiment toward the belief that males werefavored in the classroom. This favoritism I expected to be greater and have a larger impact thefurther back through time I went with my interviews. However, I expected that in more recenttimes the pendulum of educational inequalities would have swung hard the other way, giving thefemales a clear advantage. In the end I was right, to an extent.I conducted interviews with or received surveys back from forty-eight people ranging inage, background, and geographic region of where they attended high school. Six of these peoplegraduated high school between 1945 and 1955, twenty-four graduated between 1968 and 1979,and the remaining eighteen people have recently graduated since 1995. They represent threegenerations education in the public schools. When asked how they felt overall about the equalityof their education based on gender, only two people responded that they felt...

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