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Problem Solving

The first step in the problem-solving process is intake and engagement of the client, which was conducted about eight months ago as a result of the needed group home placement. I went to her home where, at that time, she was still living with her parents. Through several meetings I obtained a full and lengthy social history of the client. It was agreed upon by all that Jane be placed in the group home because her parents are getting older, and becoming unable to fully take of her needs or supervise her. We came to the second step in the problem-solving process, which is data collection and assessment. I have made several visits to the group home to assess her behavior and see if there are any needs that are not being met. We have identified her need to work on appropriate socialization skills with other members in the group home. Part of this process is to identify client strengths and areas for improvement. Jane excels in her ability to take care of her personal belongings, keep her room clean, be aware of the importance of personal hygiene, doing dishes, working on puzzles, coloring, and drawing. As Jane noted, she cannot cook very well, do laundry, manage money, and she needs to work on her reading and writing ability. I have observed how she likes to hug people or hold on to their hand when she talks to them. I feel that is because she has lacked socializing with people in the community, but its something she enjoys although her behavior may not be appropriate for those who are not aware of her condition. Also, she tends to ask the same questions as if she has forgot what happened two days ago. I see a slight short-term memory loss, yet her long-term memory is accurate. I have seen improvement in many social skills and daily skills. The third step in the problem solving process is planning and contracting. Planning is the stage between assessment and intervention where we must develop a contract of goals and expec...

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