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is rape motivated by sex

Rape is not a new phenomenon. The act of forcing someone to engage in sex against his or her will dates back many years. However, the motivation behind it has remained a controversy. Though it seems that rapists are after sex, the argument that violence is predominantly behind rape has, in recent times, become a widely held view.It is estimated that 371 out of 100,000 women will become the victims of rape each year. Incidences can reach as high as one-in-four when attempted rape and coercion are also considered. This number does not take into account rapes that go unreported. The underreporting of this crime is a result of a number of reasons that are related to the ways in which rape is perceived and defined. The definition of rape is very important when asking “Is rape motivated by sex”. If it is defined as one person forcing another into unwanted sexual intercourse with him or her, the idea that sex is the motive, is valid. On the other hand, if it is defined as simply a sexual violation of a person, other behaviors, such as rape with objects, can be taken into account and provide validity to the argument that rape is a crime of violence. Statement of the Question“Is Rape Motivated by Sex?”“Yes” AnswersThe need for sex has long been considered a natural human necessity. Human beings have an innate drive to reproduce. Rape has evolved over millennia of human history, along with courtship, sexual attraction and other behaviors related to the production of offspring. In seventeenth – century Holland, women even married their rapists, who sometimes raped the objects of their affection. Men are more likely to act on these feelings, which is why men rapists outnumber women rapists. Sex is a stronger urge in men. Men typically won’t pass up a chance for sex. It is an urge that is primal. There are occurrences of rape by male animals that include insects, birds, fishes, etc… Thi...

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