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Will Cloning have a Positive OR Negative Effect on

Will Cloning have a Positive OR Negative Effect on The definition of a clone is an organism that has the same genetic information as another organism or organisms. Scientific and ethical studies of cloning, prove that,cloning will have a negative rather than a positive effect on society. The goals and purposes for cloning range from making copies of those who havedied, to bettering the engineering of offspring in humans and animals (Hawley, 1998). Cloning could also directly offer a means of curing diseases or could offer a technique thatcould extend means to acquiring new data for the sciences of embryology and howorganisms develop as a whole over time. Currently, the agricultural industry demands nuclear transfer to produce betterlivestock, and cloning could massively improve the agricultural industry as the techniqueof nuclear transfer improves (Hawley, 1998). Nuclear transfer takes the nucleus of a cellfrom one individual and places it in the egg or another individual, from which the nucleushas been removed (Wertz, 1998b). The change in phenotype, the observable physical andbiochemical characteristics of an organism, of livestock is accomplished by bombardingembryos of livestock with genes that produce “super” livestock traits; however, thistechnique is not efficient because only five percent of the offspring express these “super”traits that would guarntee a more productive industry. Scientists can easily geneticallyalter adult cells; therefore, cloning from an adult cell would make it easier to alter thegenetic material. The goal of transgenic livestock1 is to produce livestock with idealcharacteristics for the agricultural industry and to be able to manufacture biologicalproducts such as proteins for humans. Farmers are attempting to produce transgenic livestock already, but not efficiently,due to the minimal ability to alter embryos genetically. Researchers can harvest and growadult cells in large...

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