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East Village
  An Olmec Village
.... These changes occurred somewhat similarly to those in the Middle East. .... In the Olmec village discussed previously, cultivation served as an adjunct to hunting .... (2010 8 )

Differences Between "The Village" and "The City"
.... Japan is 'Westernized,' yet, somehow, the country in East Asia least touched by the West .... at the same time it has lost contact with the old ways, the Village. .... (2091 8 )

American Forms of Art
.... flood New York, increasing the chances of more creative and interesting work to occur," which is precisely what happened during the East Village art movement .... (1929 8 )

Ruth Ozeki's My Year of Meats
.... Sitting at home one night in the East Village of New York City in the midst of a blizzard she gets a phone call offering her work coordinating production on a .... (2107 8 )

Describing the Nature of Performance Art
.... their bodies are painted blue. The Blue Man Group originated at La Mama in New York City's East Village. Three tall then guys with .... (2766 11 )

Sex in the Theater
.... While keeping the play resolutely political, in the sense that the village is governed by .... that the play has become "a cultural stereotype of East-West relations .... (1511 6 )

Problem in Negotiating Transactions in a Business
.... Williamson, who is president of the East Village Neighborhood Association (EVNA) as well as ANTI, should be the spokesman for both groups during the .... (2373 9 )

Distinction between Audience and Actors
.... And if it is set in the East Village in New York, a place not similar to that we most of us live, the primary themes of the play, are all too familiar. .... (2442 10 )

Barrio in East Los Angeles by Danny Santiago
.... older man talks about the village in Mexico and the life lived there, a life that contrasts sharply with what the family is experiencing now in East Los Angeles .... (1689 7 )

Global Village
Today's business environment has been called a "global village," and many Americans .... came into existence before the twentieth century (the East India Trading .... (1511 6 )

War as Destructive to Humanity & Human Relationships
.... of heroes in war, or those who argue that the war in the Middle East is a .... Thiong'o portrays a man coming home to his village after having spent a long period .... (1663 7 )

Middles East History & Nationalism
.... Particular attention has been given to the Middle East and the rise of nationalism in that region. .... "The Filthy War." The Village Voice (Apr 10-16, 2002). .... (2671 11 )

Exclusionary Zoning Village of Euclid
.... The village of Euclid, located to the north and east of Cleveland was in the 1920s a small town with a population of between 5,000 and 10,000 people positioned .... (10318 41 )

The Cause & Effect of the Great Fire in Peshtigo
.... in the north and portions of Door and Kewaunee Counties to the East and settlements across .... 1). At the time of the fire, Peshtigo was a booming village with a .... (2226 9 )

A Research on Southern California Community of Brentwood
.... Village overlap and converge where San Vicente meets Barrington, but whereas the Boulevard area may be said to extend east west, the Village extends northward .... (6602 26 )

The History of Arabs
.... The Muslim world extends well beyond the Middle East and Arab states to .... Eastern mosaic societies have been sect, tribe, ethnic group, village, and neighborhood .... (1637 7 )

Evolution and Development of World Trade
.... to interact with peoples and cultures foreign to his native African village. .... chronometer (1760) no precise method for determining longitude (east-west) was .... (2039 8 )

Rapid Population Growth in Indonesia
.... 200 individuals per kilometer, and this seems typical of many South East Asian countries .... These individuals leave the village to go to the city, but the city is .... (1416 6 )

The Cahuilla Indians of Southern California
.... a portion of the Colorado Desert west of Orocopia Mountain to the east, and the .... The area immediately surrounding the village was owned in common by the tribe .... (1595 6 )

The Study on the Evolution of Agriculture
.... forced new political and social organizational structures on the village, which further .... with 136 plants domesticated, India with 117, the Near East had 83 .... (2270 9 )

Evolution of Agriculture Theory
.... forced new political and social organizational structures on the village which further .... China with 136 plants domesticated, India with 117, the Near East had 83 .... (2320 9 )

Antigone/Rites of Death
.... Museum of Modern Art, then on Noember 1, 1990 at the Anthology Film Archives, also in Manhattan, then on July 27 and 28, 1991 at the Village East Cinemas in .... (1444 6 )

An Understanding of Experiential Learning Theory
.... learning as a means of raising group consciousness), and Village Four (experiential .... AC (thinking) and AE (doing) versus RO (watching), with the east-west axis .... (6166 25 )

Dickenson Mines LTD
.... Area Membership Europe 436,400 America 124,000 Far East 103,300 Conferences 34,700 .... vacation would be included in the price for the time booked into a village. .... (3656 15 )

Native Americans' Traditional Culture
.... From east to west, the main nations of the Iroquois Confederacy were the .... to clear land and increase its productivity, the typical Iroquois village moved every .... (4901 20 )

Is Religion Still an Important Part of the World's Civilizations?
.... In elections for city and village councils, the majority of successful candidates .... fundamentalism, something not unusual in the Near and Middle East these days. .... (1064 4 )

The Control for Pace of Globalization
.... Until the "global village" is fully evolved, it will be difficult to tell what .... shooting, particular in Asia and other parts of the world like the Middle East. .... (2356 9 )

Development of New Technologies and Global Entertainment
.... Until the "global village" is fully evolved, it will be difficult to tell what .... shooting, particular in Asia and other parts of the world like the Middle East. .... (2355 9 )

The Golden Age of Islam
.... The Golden Age of Islam in the Middle East is often referred to as the .... was commanding an empire while the Greeks were still little more than village-sized city .... (1589 6 )

Architecture of Colonial New England
.... and most densely populated agricultural regions of the entire east coast, can a .... need for agricultural products made it necessary that Salem Village, or "the .... (3342 13 )


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