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Hard Days
  Drug and Alcohol Abuse
.... It seemed a necessity to us, to our friendships, and to our ability to deal with our uncomfortable feelings, difficult relationships, and hard days. .... (6579 26 )

Flannery O'Connor's A Good Man Is Hard to Find
.... It is interesting that having ignored his mother for days - and probably for years - Bailey's .... end, it was Bailey who was the "good man (that) is hard to find .... (982 4 )

The Largest Hard-shelled Sea Turtle
.... The green turtle is the largest hard-shelled sea turtle, with populations in different .... to seven clutches in a breeding season at intervals from 12 to 14 days. .... (2466 10 )

The Novel "Hard Times" by Charles Dickens
.... But in Darwin's day, as Hard Times--published just four years before Darwin's .... On three of the fourteen days of the exhibition, the admission charge was waived .... (1805 7 )

The Nursing Home Resident
.... well, made our own soap, grew our food, canned it, churned butter, and did all those things you read about in those books about pioneer days. It was a hard life .... (3639 15 )

The Relationship Between Racial Power and Moral Power
.... After all, what makes the early days of the civil right movement so desirable in .... in terror and lost life, and from this sacrifice came a hard-earned innocence .... (1666 7 )

World Banking and Foreign Exchange Rates in Russia
.... The recovery two days later was partially due to renewed Central Bank .... board of managers decided to bar foreign companies from withdrawing hard currency from .... (2139 9 )

Of Mice and Men "Lennie"
.... during the hardscrabble depression era days that Steinbeck writes about. George and Lennie were lucky to find work. Lennie would do the hard chores, and George .... (562 2 )

The World of It's Own
.... during the hardscrabble depression era days that Steinbeck writes about. George and Lennie were lucky to find work. Lennie would do the hard chores, and George .... (567 2 )

Influences of Personal Development Vaues
.... My father had a great impact on my work ethic, because he worked exceptionally hard and had a long work day six days a week. He .... (1302 5 )

The Technology in America
.... Most families have boys working the machines in textile mills or coal mines those days (Jones 175). .... It is hard to believe 1907 was just last year. .... (1371 5 )

Hallie and Brad - Of Moving To Another House
.... cat, after all, and hasn't been able to go to the bathroom for three days. .... of all, house needs some work, and that is going to make moving in a little hard. .... (815 3 )

The Japanese Society
.... While many corporate executives may find it hard to take a vacation for more than a few days, less than 14 percent of the population is comprised of white .... (1793 7 )

The Cuban Missile Crisis
.... Yet, six days later, the crisis was over without harm to anyone .... and Executive Committee member Llewellyn "Tommy" Thompson urged Kennedy to take a hard line with .... (1356 5 )

Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (MTSS)
.... Improper training can include running on hard or banked surfaces, wearing poorly supporting .... the affected area for 15 minutes each day for the first three days. .... (1379 6 )

A Reasonable Use of the Unreasonable
.... O'Connor (251) says in "A Reasonable Use of the Unreasonable," "From the days of John .... human nature that O'Connor illuminates most in "A Good Man is Hard to Find .... (984 4 )

The Jungle: A Call to Social Reform
.... After Juris is tried, punished by several days hard labor to pay for his legal expenses, and released from jail, he tries to return home only to find it rented .... (1869 7 )

The Necklace - Guy de Maupassant (1850-1893)
.... Amazingly, Mathilde seems to blame the woman for her troubles: "Yes, I have had days hard enough, since I have seen you, days wretched enough---and that .... (6153 25 )

The Christian Holy Day Called Easter
.... Easter are referred to as Eastertide and they reflect the 40 days that Christ .... Later eggs, which were "hard-boiled and coloured, were taken to the church to be .... (1807 7 )

Coral Reef Environment
.... plankton and undergo a period of growth and development on a hard substrate prior .... Within the first two days behavior changes so that the planulae swim toward .... (2956 12 )

Fast Food Nation 2002
.... social implications and effects (one out of every four Americans are getting the same meals, sitting in the same drive-throughs) every days are hard to see .... (1286 5 )

Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman
.... you to make good, that's all." Again Biff asks why Willy is hard on him. .... Willy recalls the "respect, and comradeship, and gratitude" of the old days of sales .... (3226 13 )

The Administration and Implementation of Health Care Services
.... benefits, quality, outcome, and expectations of their care at 30 and 60 days than were the .... It is hard to see how patient well-being can be assessed without a .... (1614 6 )

Case Study Analysis of Hospitality Franchise Systems, Inc.
.... immigrants of the Patel Clan, while more than one-half of the hotels operating under the Days Inn name are owned and operated by Patels. The hard working and .... (3563 14 )

Diary of a Confederate Soldier
.... He worked hard all of his life to get to the point where he could afford two slaves; he is not about to give up these .... Ten days after the event, I am still numb .... (1680 7 )

Mark Twain-"Great Impact on American Literature"
.... Perhaps this was because in his youth, he projected that those lazy days on the .... If he could have taken self-satisfaction in the way he had worked hard all his .... (1820 7 )

Personalized Nutrition
.... done should also be included as well as the number of days in which .... Internet); increase in costs; and family members feeling compliance is too hard and pushing .... (1442 6 )

Walt Disney's World
.... Gone was the easygoing, joking, laid-back boss of former days. .... Once, when Walt gave his animators and staff a weekend retreat for their hard work on a .... (1643 7 )

Profits Accrue
.... matter of days. Heretofore, conventional methods of prototyping systems may have involved weeks, months or even years to bring the product from concept to hard .... (2093 8 )

German Society
.... the wounded, buried the dead, salvaged belongings, and began the hard task of .... doors to reveal beautifully shaped chocolates) and more saints' days than occur .... (788 3 )


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