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Marxism Culturally
  Application of Modernism & Postmodernism
.... level. Politically, postmodernism is an attack on Marxism. Culturally, postmodernism is a repudiation of modernism (Sarup 180-181). .... (1282 5 )

Politics of Russia
.... that would render the Soviet Union the closed, war-oriented, culturally cut-off world .... of Karl Marx and were responsible for helping to develop Russian Marxism. .... (7509 30 )

Several Factors to Gain More Power
.... This second idea of Marxism uses an engineering analogy to describe the foundation .... a group of smaller political entities into a single culturally unified nation .... (2268 9 )

Characteristic Modes of Semiotic and Postmodern Discourse
.... with Hegel, whose life and work coincided with the more culturally general and .... Marxist thought and method owe much to Hegel; although Marxism is avowedly .... (5828 23 )

The Fundamental Source of Conflict in This New Civilization
.... The leaders of Iraq invaded the culturally similar nation of Kuwait because they recognized .... While it is clear that Marxism has not worked in any nation in the .... (3057 12 )

Education Policy During the Allied Occupation of Japan
.... the Evil Empire of the Soviets had known that only Marxism could save .... primarily to a temperamental trait conditioned by a socially and culturally closed society .... (9993 40 )

The Democratization of Education
.... while beginning to discern a certain incompatibility among Marxism, democracy, and .... philosophically and historically confused as well as culturally chauvinistic .... (10002 40 )

An Experiment in Socialism
.... For almost two decades, Austria would be split three ways politically and culturally. .... It differed from other versions of Marxism in that it promised a taste of .... (1748 7 )

Issue of Managing Diversity in Public Organizations
.... The integration of culturally differing perspectives within organizations is accomplished .... Early Marxism defines classes as wage laborers, capitalist, and land .... (9214 37 )

The Era of Radical Change for East and Central Europe
.... orthodox Marxism was suspicious of what Marx had called the 'idiocy of rural life .... Peasants were considered to be intellectually inferior and culturally backward .... (3413 14 )

Soviet Union's Development in Politics
.... might also be stated as "the tension between the culturally and psychologi cally .... Plotke (1989, 343) observed that, "as marxism has become more legitimate, its .... (4754 19 )

Mao Tse-tung's Military Thought: Political Figure
.... war, and joined it to a dramatic re-interpretation of Marxism-Leninism that .... as for example among the Aztecs, and has frequently been culturally limited in .... (6671 27 )

Respect for Human Rights in China
.... the socialist road, the dictatorship of the proletariat, and Marxism-Leninism-Mao .... Further, the Chinese, "among other peoples, are culturally universalistic in .... (4667 19 )

Language, Gender and Culture: Core Indicators of Social Role
.... conducted since 1975 is that speech is a culturally determined activity that .... of feminist literary discourse, however vaguely defined, Marxism and structuralism .... (4792 19 )

Marketing a Hospitality Industry
.... Religion remains severely repressed in these countries and Marxism is the official .... The result is that there are culturally plural communities throughout many .... (10316 41 )

German National Experience
.... century, however, Germany had recovered; if it was overshadowed culturally by France, so .... tie is attested to by the influence of revolutionary Marxism in Russia .... (2842 11 )

All About Women
.... then, many of the social theories of the 19th century, Marxism for one .... as motivators of social development, one still might ask if culturally additional factors .... (2209 9 )

Implementing the Aptitude at Language Learning
.... along with ways of thinking, feeling, and acting that are culturally embedded and .... It resorts to such trappings as Yoga, Zen, Marxism-Leninism, and Baroque music .... (7342 29 )

Age of Chinese Thought
.... in widely separated--and, so far as we know--mutually culturally isolated regions of .... conservatism, and socialism than to terms such as Marxism or Hegelianism .... (5230 21 )

Diversity in Public Organizations
.... The integration of culturally differing perspectives within organizations is accomplished .... Early Marxism defines classes as wage laborers, capitalist, and land .... (6171 25 )

The Dilemma of "Whistleblowers"
.... the muckraking tradition of journalism to the academic Marxism of Rothschild .... as an historically determined, institutionally shaped, culturally mediated social .... (9891 40 )

History of Brazil
.... the target of mass immigration, is a most racially and culturally variegated melting .... it was because their Church had failed as bitterly as Marxism-Leninism had .... (5370 21 )


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