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Stuart Mill
  Biography of John Stuart Mill
In chapter two of On Liberty, John Stuart Mill presents his utilitarian based arguments for why no leader has a right to limit or repress dissenting speech. .... (1292 5 )

John Stuart Mill (1806-1873)
?MDUL?Biographical Information?MDNM? ?FL? John Stuart Mill (1806-1873) was one of the profound thinkers and philosophers of the nineteenth century. .... (3736 15 )

John Stuart Mill, One of the Influential Philosophers in 19th ...
John Stuart Mill was one of the most influential philosophers of the nineteenth century. .... November 25, 2005. Nationwide News Pty Limited Mill, John Stuart. .... (495 2 )

On Liberty by John Stuart Mill
In the following discussion, Todd S. Mill, great grandson of John S. Mill, argues with a Nazi sympathizer named Helmut, that, according to his great .... (1069 4 )

Moral Theory: By John Stuart Mill
John Stuart Mill addresses a number of issues central to the idea of government and to the relationship between government and the governed. .... Mill, John Stuart. .... (2754 11 )

Moral Theory-"Discuss by John Stuart Mill "
. John Stuart Mill answers the charge that utilitarianism cannot accommodate justice and individual rights in terms of his view of the meaning of utility. .... (2099 8 )

Stuart Mill's argued for Extending the Vote to Women
.... to another. Please describe John Stuart Mill's argument for extending the vote to women in The Subjection of Women (1867). One of .... (1004 4 )

The Utilitarianism by John Stuart Mill's
This paper will consider John Stuart Mill's basic ethical principle, as expressed in his Utilitarianism, that sets up a relationship between pleasure, happiness .... (1658 7 )

John Stuart Mill (1806-1873), British philosopher
John Stuart Mill argues that morality is binding because under favorable circumstances, human beings can have motives to act as it requires. .... Mill, John Stuart. .... (2778 11 )

Views in the Past in "On Liberty" by John Stuart Mill
Mill's Views on the Past as a Source of Creativity In On Liberty (1859) John Stuart Mill (1806-1873) begins his meditations on the past as the source of .... (2418 10 )

John Stuart Mil: On Liberty
Mill and Laissez Faire in On Liberty A basic question that John Stuart Mill raises in On Liberty concerns the relationship between personal freedom and what .... (214 1 )

Mill and Marx' View of Individual Freedom
Both John Stuart Mill and Karl Marx were philosophers with a strong emphasis on individual freedom. .... 1-4. Mill, John Stuart. On Liberty. London: Oxford Univ. .... (1970 8 )

Locke, Rousseau & Mill"philosophers "
Locke, Rousseau, and Mill on Government and the Individual John Locke, Jean Jacques Rousseau, and John Stuart Mill are three of the philosophers who have .... (1410 6 )

Mill's Utilitarianism in 1836
In this chapter, "Of the Ultimate Sanction of the Principle of Utility," John Stuart Mill discusses the philosophical system of Utilitarianism. .... (871 3 )

Liberalism & Human Freedom
JOHN STUART MILL'S VIEWS ON LIBERALISM John Stuart Mill' s views on liberalism and human freedom were born out of the English intellectual group known as the .... (1387 6 )

The Differences between A "Good" rather than a "Bad" Effect
.... While a number of theorists have addressed these aspects of ethics, the ideas and theories advanced by Immanuel Kant and John Stuart Mill seem to offer the .... (1369 5 )

Political Philosophy on The Individual & the State
.... Plato, John Stuart Mill, and Sir David Ross would agree that we live in a state and enjoy the protection of its laws and that this gives us an obligation to .... (1641 7 )

Utilitarianism, An Attractive Philosophy
.... The classical doctrine of utilitarianism, developed by Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832) and modified by John Stuart Mill (1806-1973), is one version of objective .... (1763 7 )

A Strong Emphasis on Individual Freedom
Both John Stuart Mill and Karl Marx were philosophers with a strong emphasis on individual freedom. .... 1-4. Mill, John Stuart. On Liberty. London: Oxford Univ. .... (1970 8 )

A Dispute Over The Powers of the Crown
This can be seen in the writings of Edmund Burke and John Stuart Mill. .... John Stuart Mill also emphasizes a form of the social contract. .... (1515 6 )

The Greatest Victorian Liberal Thinkers and His Creation
.... ETC. John Stuart Mill is usually considered the greatest of the Victorian Liberal thinkers. Utilitarianism was his creation. As .... (1324 5 )

Philosophical System on Deontology, Ethics, and Utilitarianism
Deontology as developed in the philosophical system of Immanuel Kant and utilitarianism as presented by both Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart Mill together form .... (1192 5 )

CB Macpherson's The Life and Times of Liberal Democracy
.... However, in the 19th century, other theorists such as Auguste Comte, Karl Marx, and John Stuart Mill subscribed to a mainline theory which made future .... (1497 6 )

Tracing the History of Feminism
...., 2002). In addition was the treatise by John Stuart Mill, The Subjection of Women. While Mill argued for .... (1068 4 )

The Speech of David Duke
John Stuart Mill was not an absolute libertarian. .... John Stuart Mill. On Liberty. Currin V. Shields, ed. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1997. (280 1 )

A Paper on Liberal and Post-Modern Feminism
.... An example of a nineteenth century liberal feminist would be John Stuart Mill who wrote The Subjection of Women in 1869. Although .... (859 3 )

A Logical Development of Enlightenment Liberal Ideology
.... This analysis will be expanded through evaluation of the works of Mary Wollstonecraft and John Stuart Mill, and liberal feminism will then be considered in the .... (2845 11 )

Masculinity and Femininity
.... An example of a nineteenth century liberal feminist would be John Stuart Mill who wrote The Subjection of Women in 1869. Although .... (1051 4 )

JS Mill's Contribution to Liberty
The political philosophy of John Stuart Mill has helped to define the manner in which liberty and autonomy are understood and valued in modern society. .... (1178 5 )

King and Mill Shares Similar Philosophy on Injustice
.... setting and urgency, Martin Luther King Jr.'s "Letter from a Birmingham Jail" mirrors many of the sentiments expressed in On Liberty by John Stuart Mill. .... (1469 6 )


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