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Thomas Dewey
  A Biography of Harry S. Truman: America's 33rd President
.... that helped Truman lead America through WWII, the Korean War and one of the greatest election upsets in American history when he defeated Thomas Dewey to win a .... (974 4 )

Art Theory of John Dewey
.... Art and Education. John Dewey, Albert C. Barnes, Laurence Buermeyer, Thomas Munro, Paul Guillaume, Mary Mullen, and Violette De Mazia. .... (1838 7 )

Early childhood education of children's growth
.... internalized to form the child's increasingly sophisticated physical and psychological knowledge" (Thomas, 1992, p. 322). John Dewey's progressive education .... (1972 8 )

John Dewey & Art
.... Thomas Hart Benton survived as a painter because his wife fanatically saved every scrap .... Dewey says that art is loving, that one involved in such an endeavor .... (5308 21 )

African-American school system
.... According to noted educator John Dewey, the ideal school functions as a .... critic of school desegregation is Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, who attacks .... (1646 7 )

Education Desegregation's Tangible and Intangible Advantages
.... According to noted educator John Dewey, the ideal school functions as a .... critic of school desegregation is Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, who attacks .... (1631 7 )

The Leadership Mantle of Advocacy for Education
.... while the colonies were still in the midst of rebellion, Thomas Jefferson was .... fight battles that the icon of American pedagogy, John Dewey, found essentially .... (1551 6 )

Educational Philosophers and Theorists
.... 347 BC) views on the educated citizen, and ending with John Dewey's (1859-1952 .... considers that they, too, are "natural." The idealism of Saint Thomas shows that .... (3102 12 )

Debates on Traditional & Progressive Theories
.... 4204 (24 January 1997): 22. Ediger, Marlow. "John Dewey versus HH Horne on Education." Education 117 (Fall 1996): 89-90. Loesch, Thomas, and Richard Foley. .... (1452 6 )

The Common School Movement's History
.... Dewey, John. Moral Principles in Education. New York: Greenwood Press, 1959. Foot, Michael and Isaac Kramnick, Eds. Thomas Paine Reader. .... (2354 9 )

"Polls" used tools for political campaign
.... Gallup, among others, incorrectly predicted the 1948 Presidential victor to be Republican candidate Thomas E. Dewey, rather than President Harry S. Truman. .... (2003 8 )

New York Times' Coverage in 1935: Marking in History
.... and the other policeman struggled over a gun ("Policeman's Wife Is Slain at Party" 1). Rackets were broken up by special prosecutor Thomas E. Dewey, who would .... (3135 13 )

Issues relating to Advocacy on Children's Behalf
.... Introduction. Dewey on education, selections. New York: Teachers College Press. 1-18. .... 1. New York: Teachers College Press. Rippa. Thomas Jefferson. .... (2204 9 )

The Bookmobile Solutions
.... was burned by the British in 1812, former President Thomas Jefferson sold .... During America's Centennial, Melvil Dewey introduced his new system of classifying .... (4521 18 )

Application of Psychology
.... The new psychology emerged in the 1890s, with men like Dewey and Scripture pressing for the departure from the .... Klein, Thomas, Bruce Edwards, and Thomas Wymer. .... (1811 7 )

The Philosophers Views About Religious Claims
.... Thus, based on Dewey's view, the principal matter at issue regarding the .... For example, Russman (1990) discusses the notions of Dr Thomas Sullivan who argues for .... (1813 7 )

Evolution of US Policy Towards Vietnam Under Dwight Eisenhower
.... had not controlled Congress. Truman had defeated internationalist candidate Thomas Dewey in 1948. As Cold War tensions escalated .... (9764 39 )

Reasons for school violence
.... works. It is a reminder of the truth in Dewey's statement about schools mirroring society. .... March 29,1998: A1, A12. Toch, Thomas. "Violence .... (1792 7 )

Comparing the Education in Private and Public Schools
.... Dewey's sentiments above are more than a century old, but the warning they .... Good, Thomas L. "The Purposes of Schooling in America." Elementary School Journal, 99 .... (1647 7 )

Primary Grades
.... Dewey had a major impact on the Progressive kindergarten movement during the first quarter of this century. .... Springfield: Charles C. Thomas, 1987. (2666 11 )

The Design of a Research Project on a Pragmatic Orientation
.... construed in the Dewey connotation of a pedagogical practice "which lays emphasis on consequences or results as a test of its validity" (Page & Thomas, 1977, p .... (2906 12 )

Whole Language and the Whole Learner
.... John Dewey (1859-1952), as the most important "progressive education" theorist .... assimilation, accommodation, and semiotic function (Page & Thomas, 1977, p. 69). .... (4204 17 )

History of the Treatment of At-risk Students
.... Carroll Atkinson and Eugene T. Maleska (1962) write, "[Thomas] Jefferson's great .... Scholars generally consider John Dewey (1859-1952) to be the father of modern .... (2781 11 )

Diversity:How does it Work in Public School?
.... In 1779, Thomas Jefferson wanted the system of education for the wealthy changed to a .... By 1918, every state had such a law, and John Dewey, who was teaching .... (2308 9 )

Acquiring a Second Language
.... 1746-1827), J. Neef (1770-1854), F. Fr£bel (1781-1852), J. Dewey (1859-1952 .... The International Dictionary of Education (Page & Thomas, 1977) defines it as an .... (2632 11 )

The Hypocritical Strain in US Foreign Policy
.... and this was the real reason he ordered Admiral George Dewey to engage .... policy, as practiced by presidents such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, had .... (2619 10 )

Quality Education's Impact to Democracy
.... John Dewey accurately captured the educational importance of the Open Universe for .... Thomas Jefferson described the value of an informed citizenry to democracy .... (1737 7 )

The Development of Independent Scientific Psychology
.... Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679) was the first of the English empirical psychologists. .... Dewey published the first textbook on the new psychology and he started an .... (3533 14 )

The Concepts of Whole Language and Multicultural Education
.... Dewey emphasized the need for life experience which by nature is whole and organic. .... gave a scientific foundation to progressive education (Page & Thomas, 1977 .... (9613 38 )

Professional Psychology
.... The first of the English empirical psychologists was Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679). .... John Dewey, published the first textbook on the new psychology and started an .... (3917 16 )


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