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  Assessment Between Sales Revenues and Advertising Expenditures
.... Statement of the Business Problem and Presentation of the Data The manufacturer and marketer of a personal care product line had experienced a downward trend .... (507 2 )

The Development of Colgate-Palmolive Company
.... and on a variety of health care products unlike .... The different types of product mean different associations for the .... The new line takes the company far from the .... (1878 8 )

Health Care Accounting Health Care Accounting
.... Cooper, JC, and Suver, JD "Product Line Cost Estimation: A Standard Cost Approach." Health Care Financial Manage ment, v. 42, April 1988, p. 50 52, 54, 56. .... (2286 9 )

Health Care Accounting
.... Cooper, JC, and Suver, JD "Product Line Cost Estimation: A Standard Cost Approach." Health Care Financial Manage ment, v. 42, April 1988, p. 50 52, 54, 56. .... (2669 11 )

Marketing Growth for a European Suntan Product
.... Because it is an inert material, skin irritation from the product is minimal. Some companies have discontinued their line of sun-care products with an SPF of .... (6986 28 )

The Financial Environment in Health Care Institutions
.... Cooper, JC, & Suver, JD (1988, April). Product line cost estimation: A standard cost approach. Health Care Financial Management, 42, 50-52, 54, 56. .... (6092 24 )

An understang of Tom's of Maine's Business
.... This pricing strategy and consumer appreciation is in line with one of Tom's of Maine .... minds as one of the safest, highest quality health care product lines in .... (1189 5 )

The Development and Marketing of Cosmetics and Personal Care
.... entering the industry especially to product environmental sensitive .... example of an old-line company entering .... Pond's is reformulating skin care preparations to .... (1931 8 )

The MEM Company, Inc. Case
.... development of its own prestige product line to be .... Product differentiation through advertising is essential in .... the contemporary market, skin care products are .... (2720 11 )

The Body Shop
.... The Body Shop offers a complete line of make-up .... cosmetics as well as fragrances, hair care products, aromatherapy .... level of "natural" products in its product mix .... (1362 5 )

The Matrix mode of Management vs. Multidivisional Management
.... there was a definite decision made to diversify from a more or less single-product line of business--electronics accessories--into lawn care, pet products, and .... (1871 7 )

American health care environment in the 1990s
.... more recent advertising has been product-line oriented, highlighting specific services such as substance abuse treatment programs or obstetrical care (Gilly & .... (9338 37 )

.... however, never forgets that skin and hair care are its first market, and that both of those depend on consumer education concerning the product line benefits. .... (1937 8 )

Importance of Innovation to Sustainable Business
.... the flexibility and utility of the more costly Tupperware product line. .... Glad has undertaken for the product focuses on .... re so inexpensive you won't care if your .... (613 2 )

Razors and Electric Shavers
.... in other cases, the shelf space came from other health care and beauty .... The product line continued a strong upward trend in 1993, with worldwide sales sharply .... (1618 6 )

Case Analysis on Greasex Production Quality Problem
.... the production of services such as health care as well .... the production equipment on the Greasex production line. .... for a failure to meet product quality objectives .... (1244 5 )

Appeals of Advertisements to Consumers
.... Clinique Laboratories, Inc., offers a line of skin care and cosmetics to .... argument, one that advertises the company's newest skin care product, Clinique Total .... (937 4 )

The Importance of Advertising in a Company
.... Clinique Laboratories, Inc., offers a line of skin care and cosmetics to .... argument, one that advertises the company's newest skin care product, Clinique Total .... (937 4 )

Diary Products Subsidiary in Canada
.... with the politicians over the priorities underlying the delivery of health care. .... The product line for export to Cuba from a Carnation Canadian subsidiary would .... (4086 16 )

Tading Offers of a Company
.... Onions, Frank's Hot Sauce, Chubs Baby Wipes, Olgalvie Hair Care, Binaca Breath .... the sales department for use in promoting their product line of responsibility .... (1520 6 )

Avon Products Corporation
.... Avon Products was the pioneer of applying a lower-dosage form of AHA to an over-the-counter product, with its Anew skin care line ($70 million in first year .... (3395 14 )

E-marketing Project
.... order has been confirmed, the customer care system would .... for the customer's needs and specific product designs. .... were wee might make a special line of products .... (1111 4 )

Revlon Products in the United States and Mexico
.... as a leading supplier of personal care products which target women. Razors are a complementary set of products to Revlon's existing product line, and women .... (2515 10 )

Merck: The Drug Company
.... Health-care cost containment is also threatening growth and profits for the company. .... Merck is thus saddled with an aging product line and the potential for .... (2092 8 )

Google and Microsoft Compared
.... and company amenities include on-site chefs, on-site massages, day care, fitness center .... or services in the pipeline so that as one product line matures, there .... (2442 10 )

Consumer Banking
.... referral of cases, and (2) the provision of ancillary care in conjunction .... Question number 2. The broadened product line introduced by the company should enable .... (3679 15 )

The Use of Private label brands
.... it does not have a national brand offering in its product line. Perrigo is a leading supplier of private label pharmaceuticals and personal care supplies, but .... (1746 7 )

Infomercial Advertising Format
.... Victoria Principal's line of skin care products is sold exclusively through infomercials. This product line has so far grossed over $150 million (Whitelaw 44). .... (1817 7 )

Objectives of Colgate Ultra Brite Toothpaste
.... to a higher price or enhanced quality product if given .... In the area of oral care, the use of baking .... and peroxide continues to grow (Specialized line drives sales .... (2932 12 )

Annual Report for Merck & Co., Inc.
.... cut costs and will be better positioned to deal with managed-care organizations and .... Merck has a strong product line in many areas of the pharmaceutical market .... (861 3 )


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