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  The Moral and Cultural Values of Soldiers
This paper is a meditation on the moral and cultural values and motives that sustained the soldiers of both sides in the trenches of World War I. It draws from .... (1422 6 )

Social & Cultural Values in South Korea
This paper looks at some of ways in which social and cultural values and practices have changed over the past generation in South Korea and how these are .... (2584 10 )

Values & Health Care Beliefs
.... of ethnic communities have developed and continue to develop in this country whose social mores are quite different from the European cultural values that tend .... (2221 9 )

Japanese Management Styles
.... Whether it is in negotiations, managing subordinates, or handling supply chain stakeholders, these differences in ways of thinking and cultural values lead to .... (1185 5 )

Comparing and Contrasting US and Japanese Management Styles
.... Whether it is in negotiations, managing subordinates, or handling supply chain stakeholders, these differences in ways of thinking and cultural values lead to .... (1185 5 )

The Portrait of a Country
.... Over time as cultural values change so do the cinema icons that embody them. Hollywood's initial cinema icons embodied frontier values. .... (1217 5 )

Servant Leadership and Social Work
.... attracted to. Much the same kind of comments can be made with respect to the imposition of cultural values on clients. Woods and .... (2392 10 )

Adding African American Literature as Basic Curriculum
.... been engendered in blacks through a different kind of social experience, but they are core values quite similar to white cultural values—honesty, perseverance .... (1243 5 )

Martin Blumenson's biography of General George Patton
.... social and political groups. The cultural values and morals most reflected by Patton will also be addressed. There are a number .... (977 4 )

The Children of Aloholic Affected the Society
.... The effects of an alcoholic parent on a minority child may not always be able to be assessed through a reliance on Anglo cultural values (Gravitz, & Bowden .... (2068 8 )

Cultural and Organizational Values
.... Values at Walt Disney Company (2008b) include innovation, quality, a focus on community and families, storytelling, an optimistic and aspiring outlook on life .... (724 3 )

Social Statics and Dynamics
.... Members of society makes social and cultural values their own by learning from other actors in the social system what is expected of them (30). .... (1986 8 )

Effective Efforts Of Social Workers in Rendering Community Service
.... The cultural values related to machismo have led to the oppression of adult women because males are given more privilege and superiority in society. .... (2254 9 )

"El Norte" the Movie
.... but you're already dead." This statement heightens the extent to which Enrique felt he had to replace his traditional cultural values with new values in order .... (3005 12 )

Persian Immigrants in the US
.... By merging religion and government, Khomeini's government began to systematically destroy the cultural values of Iran's nonMoslem minorities. .... (1917 8 )

Addressing the Issue on Native American Child Placement
.... A growing acceptance among professionals is developing that holds that they must appreciate the cultural values of their clients, before they can provide .... (3243 13 )

Rhetorical Devices in The Unbearable Whiteness of Skiing
.... Ski resorts also used social and cultural values in their promotions in order to lend commodities meaning to white middle- and upper-class patrons sought as .... (2351 9 )

An Organizational Description of Two RI Public Agencies
.... tribes expect social services agencies to recognize the validity of Native American culture, the value of retaining Native American cultural values, and the .... (2461 10 )

How the American Indians Were Treated
The purpose of this research is to examine American Indian cultural values with respect to how those values affect Indian acculturation and assimilation into .... (6598 26 )

A Discussion on Societal Factors that Affect Higher Education
.... to individual differences among students are the following: one's social class, sex, the effect of the peer group, and the cultural values instilled by the .... (1492 6 )

The Effective Theory of Communication
.... As Chandler (2004) maintains, "Semiotics makes us aware that the cultural values with which we make sense of the world are a tissue of conventions that have .... (1383 6 )

Historical Timeframe of Economic Development
.... Middle Ages completely. Also, the social and cultural values which gave rise to capitalism are ignored. The authors overestimate .... (1741 7 )

Economic Development and it's Framework
.... Middle Ages completely. Also the social and cultural values which gave rise to capitalism are ignored. The authors overestimate .... (1815 7 )

Health Counseling and Guidance
.... Therapeutic counseling, for either clinical or developmental purposes, has been traditionally influenced by the socio-cultural values in Western society. .... (3191 13 )

The Influence of Music
.... may be to accept cultural integration, and however unaware white Ameri cans as a group may be of the process, many of the cultural values and characteristics .... (8065 32 )

Similarities of Sweden & United States in its Values of Democracy
.... Gender and leadership are powerful symbols of a country's cultural values with respect to power, business, sex, and other elements. .... (3626 15 )

High Performance Teams Developed by Leaders
.... relate to. This takes situational leadership because of the differences in cultural values or beliefs of different team members. .... (1021 4 )

Problems Involved with Cultural Bias in Psychological Testing
.... Carter, RT (1991). Cultural values: A review of empirical research and implications for counseling. Journal of Counseling and Development, 70, 164 173. .... (2090 8 )

The Great Leap Forward and The Great Proletarian Cultural ...
.... They also take means to reinforce their cultural values and heritage through public rituals, events, and monuments, "To honor their ancestors and affirm their .... (927 4 )

Asia's Patriarchal Values Examined
.... sexes have more "traditional" sex-role attitudes than their German counterparts, owing in part to the persistence of highly traditional cultural values in Japan .... (2809 11 )


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