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faculties produce property
  Arguments of Charles Beard about the US Constitution
.... order is seen as a natural, inevitable and desirable division of society into two groups---those with advanced "faculties" which produce property, and those .... (1646 7 )

Philosophies and Institutions Underlying Classical Liberalism
.... governments are in place to produce the "greatest .... products of one's own labor, or private property. .... individuals and government, "Life, faculties, products in .... (3832 15 )

Nature of Freedom and Human Beings' Responsibility for Liberty
.... As human faculties developed and were employed to serve .... of the habits of mind that produce sound judgment .... knew that there were new kinds of property--held by .... (2633 11 )

State of Nature by Hobbes
.... personal stability and safety instead produce mass destruction. .... by contrast, concepts like property and theft .... great ones in return; his faculties are exercised .... (1911 8 )

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
.... that minimum development of his natural faculties" (Berlin 124 .... own benefit (eg, to acquire property), even though the action may not produce the desired .... (6222 25 )

Mill and Rousseau: A Comparison of Their Ideas of Liberty
.... in psychological constitution can produce a capacity .... like liberty, equality, and property which the .... The human faculties of perception, discriminative feeling .... (2955 12 )

Mill and Marx' View of Individual Freedom
.... to the highest aim of developing one's faculties offered by .... Like the products they produce, workers only have .... the power of capital and property, exploit such .... (1970 8 )

Neorealism and its Critics
.... The arrangement of units is a property of the .... order and behave in ways that produce balance in .... argues that neorealism "neuters the critical faculties" of the .... (7527 30 )

A Strong Emphasis on Individual Freedom
.... to the highest aim of developing one's faculties offered by .... Like the products they produce, workers only have .... the power of capital and property, exploit such .... (1970 8 )

Herbert Spencer and Karl Marx: As the "Macrosociology"
.... men, without mercy or respite to produce for the .... so surely must the human faculties be moulded into .... the claim of the church on considerable property and wealth .... (6139 25 )

Jean Jacques Rousseau'S
.... This in turn produced property rights and the loss .... of duty replaces physical impulse." Man's faculties are enhanced .... while at the same time produce standards of .... (6728 27 )

The Role of Emotional Learning for Unique Outcome & Advantages
.... of the amygdala retain all of their faculties in terms .... the expense of peripheral details," a property that is .... signals and processes them to produce changes in .... (2759 11 )

European History by Gloria Fiero
.... sensed, in small part, by the faculties of the .... improving the social environment would produce better human .... nation's wealth was located not in property or money .... (3914 16 )

Women in Macbeth
.... wisdom of the culture that denigrates women's rational faculties. .... presuming to treat Desdemona as property (to be .... upon the agent, and to produce less strongly .... (10698 43 )

The Spiritual Disciplines
.... on God the practice may also produce other, less .... slaves, planting no crops, returning property to the .... and use of the creative and imaginative faculties to make .... (4162 17 )


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