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  A Comprehensive Analysis of Japanese Society And Its People
.... Nakane states it openly, while Benedict only sees Japanese society as something unique in the American experience to that time. .... (3090 12 )

The Comprehensive Analysis of a Society and its People
.... Nakane states it openly, while Benedict only sees Japanese society as something unique in the American experience to that time. .... (3090 12 )

Japanese Upper Civil Service
.... include the recruitment system, the rather unique promotion system .... which is largely the result of Japanese history .... it is open to all members of society in theory .... (2593 10 )

Comparisons between Japanese Culture & American Culture
.... life. Japanese society is seen as homogenous. This is a myth. Like anywhere else, people in Japan want to feel unique. In school .... (994 4 )

The Concepts of Package Design in Japan
.... a level of competence so high as to constitute a unique peak in .... however, underlies the disappearance of traditional packaging from Japanese society because the .... (2231 9 )

Management Style of a Japanese
.... A theme picked up by some Japanese corporations is the idea that individualism is a threat to society and that Japan is unique in being a nation where identity .... (2392 10 )

The Roots of Japanese Culture
.... Both authors provide an in depth explanation of the unique features of Japanese culture .... She is at her best in probing the inner workings of Japanese society. .... (1506 6 )

Competition in Japanese Education
.... school year; this unit forms a unique classroom community in .... for all: "schools reflect the society of which .... can't wait to leave school, Japanese students never .... (3969 16 )

Study of Inazo Nitobe's Bushido
.... countries make a rapid transition to industrial society? . .... the answer by pointing to the unique cultural tradition .... defined the way that Japanese culture worked .... (1845 7 )

Hong Kong is Not a Model for Other East Asian Economies
.... Instead, it has used its unique ability to trade with China for its .... American society is far more individualistic than Japanese society, and this is reflected .... (1337 5 )

Capitalist System Thru Globalized Japan
.... For example, many Japanese, frustrated by proper-place .... America to be a classless society with unlimited .... as ethnic minorities, linguistically unique peoples, or .... (3139 13 )

The Urbanization in Japan
.... This paper will attempt to show that this is not the case for Japanese society. .... involved with many people is able to become a very unique and individual person .... (1868 7 )

The Study of Women's Issues in Japanese History
.... in postwar Japan, but now primarily serving Japanese men rather .... past and changed the expectations of their society to include .... in Japan is a tale unique to this .... (3177 13 )

Uses and History of Chopsticks
.... the term "hashi" or "bridge" in Japanese society (History 1 .... Around the 10th century the Japanese began making .... design elements that made them unique from Chinese .... (3213 13 )

Japanese and Iranian Culture
.... And both practices have unique and very significant roles in their respective .... sources and his assertions about the nature of Japanese society and deduces from .... (3542 14 )

Comparison of Japanese & US Cultures
.... of respect which is paid in Japanese society, but upon .... General Motors to implement some Japanese management approaches .... took into account the unique nature of .... (1613 6 )

Funding Issues on Japanese Schooling
.... and women who, armed with a unique vision, have .... The Japanese are preoccupied with the discipline of hard .... and study: "Japan is a learning society of formidable .... (3806 15 )

The History of Japanese Culture
.... the importance of understanding the unique qualities of .... in one's place gives the individual Japanese a sense .... security and results in a society which operates .... (1552 6 )

Japanese industry
.... is the use of power in service to society. .... Many Japanese approaches to business, approaches that have been very successful, should be seen as unique to the .... (2506 10 )

Japanese Science Management
.... is due to "certain elements unique to Japanese .... and philosophical impetus within Japanese management .... The society thrives on this particular management style, and .... (3664 15 )

The East Asian Experience of Economic Development
.... each experience or situation as an individual and unique occurrence, the .... Traditional Japanese society had always had its classes, with great importance placed .... (1778 7 )

Japanese Management and Decision-Making Techniques
.... twentieth century, Japan was primarily a farming society. .... Thus, Confucianism contributes to the Japanese capacity for .... All of these unique values are instilled .... (2886 12 )

1920s Japan "BETWEEN THE WARS"
.... Like the society he depicted in this novel .... is marked by a mixture of Japanese and Western .... influences while developing his own unique Japanese literary structures .... (3161 13 )

The History Behind Kabuki Theater of Japan
.... the Kabuki theater has reflected the traditional values of the Japanese society as a .... Rather, these great Kabuki actors strive toward a unique style of their .... (2589 10 )

Japanese Buddhism Examine the Respective Approaches to Salvation
.... it would be placed upward on the hierarchy of Japanese society. .... life and light to thousands of Japanese untouched by .... nature religions of Japan in a unique way. .... (2517 10 )

Showa Foods Ventures
.... in in being accepted by the Japanese management team; this is not unique to his .... into account, the Japanese system is better for the Japanese society at large .... (2989 12 )

Robert Grosse MNEs Analysis
.... Their research focuses upon a timeless quality of Japanese society as it .... another region's distinctive style of business operations, its unique formulation of .... (1775 7 )

Greatest Influence in the Political Development in Korea
.... Although Korea was an independent country with a unique culture, the Korean .... governmental structure was extended to all segments of Japanese society, as opposed .... (2267 9 )

Forced Prostitution During and After World War II
.... Military prostitution is not unique to 20th century Japan but Japanese society was able to institutionalize the practice in unique ways. .... (3467 14 )

The Buddhism in Japan
.... China, but in their own way developed a civilization which became unique and selective .... The Japanese society is heavily influenced by the importance of the family .... (3325 13 )


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