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  American Economic Status
.... In any case, there's no such thing as a compromise: we're either strong enough to lever the train onto a new track or it stays on the old one (97). .... (1442 6 )

Music Recording Technology "The Beat Goes On"
.... A label is printed onto the acrylic. The data track made by the indentations is only .5 microns wide with a distance of 1.6 microns separating one track from .... (1793 7 )

Hurricane Katrina Thrusts Race and Poverty Onto National Stage
.... SEPTEMBER 23, 2005, FRIDAY, FINAL EDITION HEADLINE: Katrina thrusts race and poverty onto national stage .... "If the Bush family didn't have such a track record of .... (1793 7 )

Analysis of The Road Not Taken
.... or ambition or values, but over the walker's uncertain perception of which track in the .... the speaker may feel the need to justify how "way led onto way" by .... (737 3 )

American Transportation Policy
.... steady decline in ridership, freight capacity, and reduction to single-track lines in .... their lengthy and costly delays have forced more trucks onto the highways .... (810 3 )

.... The remaining 5,600 miles of track are leased ("Union Pacific Corporation Overview .... the industry began using special containers that are lifted onto railroad cars .... (2392 10 )

World's No. 1 Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
.... Its ads also performed poorly in Ad Track for a different reason: The beautiful .... & Shoulders is the fact that private label brands have burst onto the scene .... (2426 10 )

The Struggle of the Twymons and the McGoffs
.... universities in the country. Participation in the ABC program put students onto a different educational track. They were much more .... (1897 8 )

Electronic Trading
.... to grow rapidly among potential investors who can simply log onto an increasing .... The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) keeps track of complaints from .... (1692 7 )

Lonely Planet: Jellyfish
.... collapse in upon themselves like a jellyfish that washes up onto the beach .... The company's letter-processing department keeps very good track of the thoughts and .... (2917 12 )

Music Industry Evolution to Internet
.... is available which make it possible for the same performance (track on a CD .... because consumers can easily swap the computers of anyone logged onto the Internet .... (2033 8 )

The Music Industry Today
.... is available which make it possible for the same performance (track on a CD .... because consumers can easily swap the computers of anyone logged onto the Internet .... (2033 8 )

Slavery in the New World
.... sort of self-interest that led the Spanish colony to greater and greater repression forced the northern ex-English colony onto a different track of development .... (3580 14 )

Illegal Entries in the US
.... The United States clearly does not have the resources or the will to track with precision every single person crossing over onto our soil by land, sea or air. .... (2350 9 )

Henry Ford: From Rug to Riches
.... the money, Ford established the Ford Sociological Department to keep track of the .... 156-8). Although used in classical myths and projected onto ancient leader .... (1708 7 )

"We've been hacked!"
.... Many hackers log onto systems and use the increased resources of the target .... In the field of information technology, honeypots are used to track how hackers .... (1792 7 )

How Athletes Enhance their Performance
.... league baseball, Olympic sports such as weight-lifting and swimming, to track and field .... Coaches in fear of losing their jobs push the drugs onto their athletes .... (2974 12 )

Why Should MY Conscience Bother Me?
.... imme-diately put a stop to it and put the project on the right track. .... conscience bother me?" I would have told him, "Because we're holding onto something that .... (1632 7 )

The Mirror Movements
.... lips, cheeks, and eyebrows and electro-magnetic sensors to track the most signification motions of the face and map them in real-time onto computer puppets .... (4642 19 )

Operating and Management Principles for Hospitality Industry
.... By simply imposing my housekeeping procedures onto the existing staff, I probably increased .... I learned this information because we could now track how a guest .... (4042 16 )

Opening of a New Brach Mcdonalds Restaurant Chain
.... are rebels with a cause, offbeat businessmen and women on track with today's .... tumultuous down sizings and right-sizings have tossed a few onto the unemployment .... (2226 9 )

The Ethics of Smoking
.... hang onto sexuality and morality like a pit-bull hangs onto flesh and .... threatens to topple the hypocrisy scale himself with his dubious track record concerning .... (1731 7 )

The Lunching of New Corporate McDonalds in Foreign Country
.... are rebels with a cause, offbeat businessmen and women on track with today's .... tumultuous down sizings and right-sizings have tossed a few onto the unemployment .... (2226 9 )

Running and Painting as Art Forms
.... positively, think of them as points in the distance that simply keep you on track. .... Then he translated the sketches onto another surface for the final execution .... (2119 8 )

.... With DAT, on the other hand, the digital codes are recorded onto a cassette tape. .... to play in any order and to go quickly to a particular track" ("Tape Decks .... (4006 16 )

The Importance of Information System
.... responsiveness to requester's needs, and streamlined ability to track the status .... paper downloads, although the downloading of output straight onto disk storage .... (6776 27 )

Gay on the Go! To Fight and Serve His Country
.... We see his determination in high school which leads to excellence in track. .... that those anti-gay individuals are projecting their own sexual philosophy onto gays .... (1320 5 )

Internet Privacy
.... for web browsers to "surf" the web, for law enforcement to track criminal activity .... minimize the information being scanned every time the user goes onto the Net. .... (638 3 )

Young v. New York Transit Authority (903 F.2d 146 [2nd Cir. 1990])
.... authority office or tower, or in any area that would interfere with access onto or off .... hours a day, seven days a week, and has 648 miles of track, 468 subway .... (1589 6 )

Supply Chain Management and its Stakeholders
.... organizations quickly develop systems to accurately measure and track their performance .... When Japanese automakers came onto the scene, they had a very different .... (938 4 )


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