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thousand words
  American Forms of Art
.... The old adage "A picture can take the place of a thousand words" is emphatically true; in fact, a thousand words cannot possibly ever replace a picture .... (1929 8 )

The Western Psychological Methodologies
.... A simple phrase from a Zen master can literally be worth of thousand words in the enlightenment it brings to the spiritual disciple. .... (2044 8 )

Type of Screen Entertainmen
.... the movie. His experience helped him to understand that a picture is worth more than a thousand words of dialogue. According to .... (1849 7 )

Computer Desktop Publisher
.... that Carlson (1999, p. 182) attributes to an article appearing in the trade paper Printers Ink in 1927: "One picture is worth ten thousand words." A core value .... (567 2 )

Dangers in School
.... In one school a poster in the teacher's lunchroom shows a cute picture of two chipmunks hugging with the caption "A hug is worth a thousand words, but is it .... (2359 9 )

Issues of Feminist or Anti-feminist
.... While it is true that our language mirrors the sexism in our society, it is also true that one picture is worth a thousand words. .... (1929 8 )

The Role of the "Teacher" is not to "Teach" but to Motivate
.... acquisition and learning. To young children, a picture is worth a thousand words--as the Chinese say. Therefore, visual aids are .... (2956 12 )

A Direct Mail Campaign
.... But, accessibility to the internet has major drawbacks which need to be discussed: A picture is not a thousand words when it comes to seeing something in a .... (2413 10 )

Mahmoody's Memoir
.... It is a shot worth a thousand words -- whether one is trying to persuade the audience that Islam equals fanaticism or trying to demonstrate how the film .... (2449 10 )

Jack London-"popular adventure story writer"
.... years, he was despondent about his failure to produce a male heir, and mounting financial obligations drove him to maintain the taxing thousand-words-a-day .... (3664 15 )

Not Without My Daughter : Image of Islamic Radicalism
.... It is a shot worth a thousand words -- whether one is trying to persuade the audience that Islam equals fanaticism or trying to demonstrate how the film .... (2449 10 )

The Selection of ESL/EFL Classroom Materials
.... An image, however is not worth a thousand words (as the Chinese are popularly believed to have said), because words call forth imagination--a repository and .... (3696 15 )

Influences of the Souviet union to Eastern Europe
.... 123-125. Vaculik, Ludvik. "Two Thousand Words to Workers, Farmers, Scientists, Artists, and Everyone." 27 June 1968, pp. 126-130. (1659 7 )

We ought to learn
.... hope and trust in their own powers of learning massive amounts quickly and easily, made possible a phenomenal rate of learning--up to a thousand words in an .... (3370 13 )

.... hope and trust in their own powers of learning massive amounts quickly and easily, made possible a phenomenal rate of learning--up to a thousand words in an .... (3309 13 )

Words of war against gun issues
.... Indeed, the issue of gun control has become a war of words over a citizen's right to own and .... 2. Each year more than two hundred thousand handguns are stolen. .... (1736 7 )

The Implications of Electronic Commerce
.... While a picture is worth a thousand words, small pictures are often poor quality and fuzzy. Large pictures take too much time to download. .... (6057 24 )

The words we use make a difference
.... In other words, these lands were acceptable for people that whites saw as less .... with minimal facilities and food, then forced to march a thousand miles(Some .... (1888 8 )

The Naked and the Dead
.... great violence. Hammer lets us know this in his own words: There are ten thousand mugs that hate me and you know it. They hate me .... (1677 7 )

Understanding what is Ebonics
.... A few thousand African words pepper Gullah, but, as education, miscegenation, and acculturation transformed Africans into Afro-Americans, African words soon .... (6041 24 )

The Propositionof Linguistic Knowledge
.... A four-year-old, on the other hand, may produce well over two thousand different words and probably understands many more . . . .... (2625 11 )

Objective and Subjective View on Gender and Ethnicity
.... Language is much more than "just words." Benjamin, O. and Sullivan, O. (1999). .... 3-43. Ferree, MM, Lorber, J., and Hess, B., editors. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. .... (2828 11 )

Scientific Paradigm: Its' Parallels and Correspondences
.... to be patient when the astronomers assure us of at least another thousand million years .... In other words, to speak of Darwinism is not to speak of biological .... (3793 15 )

The Strike against Colorado Fuel and Iron Company
.... You have collected more wealth, created more wealth than they in a thousand years of the .... the miners had as of yet little idea how prophetic her words would be. .... (1577 6 )

Read the Bible, Understand and Believe
.... The final words are of human choice, but were divinely inspired--that is, the writer .... This is the reason that we don't have a thousand different accounts of the .... (2311 9 )

The Merchant of Venice as a Romantic Comedy
.... which the money will be borrowed, and the guarantor for the money are all that matter to Shylock, as his first words make clear: "Three thousand ducats; well. .... (2410 10 )

Hate Verbal Assault
.... Why not take that into account, and use words that apply to all .... So for every Nazi recruited via the Internet there might be a thousand worldwide who have found .... (1502 6 )

.... While these words were spoken as a warning nearly one hundred years ago, we can .... quite compatible with the age and dignity which go with a thousand years of life .... (2950 12 )

The Task at Hand - Managing and Organizing
.... Sun Tzu's words, as produced above, suggest that this is not the case .... Whether there are ten workers or ten thousand, management strives to identify the specific .... (1047 4 )

.... In other words, at least in part, because of Polonius' misuse and manipulation of .... In The Thousand and One Nights, we find a completely different relationship .... (788 3 )


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