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The Invasion of the Body Snatchers: An Analysis

They are bred for conformity and conditioned not to think or to feel emotions. In this regard, the movie is less about the threat of communism and more about the threat that conformity rather than individualism poses. Throughout the movie, the audience is reminded that conformity results in complacency and eventually apathy.

In the movie pace spores are taking over the sleepy hamlet of Santa Mira, California. Only the hero can stop it. In the movie Alien, the bodies of the crew of the space tugboat Nostromo are being taken one by one by an alien that attacks them and converts them into incubation chambers for its young. As in Invasion of the Body Snatchers (Invasion), aliens are present in the form of pods. The pods are the first stage of the reproductive cycle, but a human host is required to complete the transformation process. In both movies, when the gestation period is over the original host body is destroyed.

There are other parallels between Alien and Invasion, including these:

They are intelligent and capable of problem solving and other higher order mental processes.

In each case, the goal of the pods is to spread.

In both movies, there is a symbolic rebirth when the transformation takes place.

In both movies, the transformation results in the creation of an entity that is devoid of human emotions including love and hope. These are replaced by more basic needs including the desire to survive and to replicate.

Both movies describe the heroic struggle of one determined individual to survive and to warn mankind of the danger. In Invasion, that hero is the town doctor. In Alien, the hero is Ripley, a pilot who must do what she can to save her crew and her craft from the invaders.

Another interesting similarity exists between Invasion and Alien. In Invasion, there is a barbecue at Miles' home. In the famous greenhouse s


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