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Social Purity and Women's Place

In other words, the infamous Aviance woman of the commercials of the 1970s was very much the role model preferred by Anthony ûa woman who could literally bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan, and never let her husband forget he was a man and a partner in their marriage.

The difference between Anthony's ideal woman and that of her male counterparts was that Anthony wanted women to have choices and political and economic independence and power. Later feminists, as will be discussed below, have argued that the idealizing of Mary-Mother and wifely occupations is at the core of the inequality women have continued to experience in a male-dominated society (Humm, 34).

Western modes of analysis in philosophy and rhetoric have, noted Solomon and Higgins (287) historically discussed or included women, if at all, as an afterthought. All too often the omission of women was not simply benign neglect but based on the assumption that 'women were deviant or secondary instances of human beings, and the male of the species was assumed to be the paradigm (Solomon and Higgins, 287).' The case has even been made that women were directly and demonstrably inferior to men and therefore should be content to be submissive and subordinate to men, dependent upon patriarchy for validation and meaning.

Feminist theory and criticism insist, alternatively, that women are as important as men and that a person's gender importantly preconditions the way her or she approaches the world (Solomon and Higgins, 288). Feminists demand, and does so legitimately, that gender be recognized for its influence and its capacity to shape discourse and identify reality û and to clearly delineate differing rdalities as well.

Contemporary feminist criticism, as described by Ginette Castro (28-29), departs from the early feminist attitudes of militants such as Angelina and Sarah Grimky and Susan B. Anthony by calling specifically for the reclaiming of myth, ideas,...

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