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Psychological Testing and Multiculturalism

Explain the affect that the application of these tests has had on students not from the main culture? Discuss applications of tests in educational settings. Explain reliability, validity and errors of measurements from an inferential statistical approach?

Psychological Testing and Multicultural Issues

This paper reviews psychological testing from a multicultural perspective. This is followed by a discussion of psychometric issues as they relate to validity, reliability, and standardization, and the effect of the test on students who are not from the main culture. The applications of these tests in educational settings are addressed and research design and statistical analysis are also reviewed from an inferential statistical approach.

Psychological Testing and Multiculturalism

Psychological testing as it relates to multiculturalism is an important issue in Educational Psychology (Geisinger, 1994). Geisinger reported that research findings regarding this topic raise awareness within the profession and allow scholar/practitioners to think as academic scientists. Psychometrics as it relates to multiculturalism takes into consideration that when assessing individuals from other cultures, proficiency in the English language may be limited or nonexistence. A number of additional questions and issues arise regarding the application of psychological testing to multiple cultures: can a meaningful assessment take place through an interpreter trained for such an eventua


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