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Iran's Criminal Justice

15-22). Thus, behaviors that are not subject to any type of governmental interference in the United States are not only offenses in Iran, they frequently are considered to be serious criminal behaviors subject to harsh punishment. A case in point is the treatment of women in contemporary Iran. The Islamic Fundamentalists controlling Iran are violently opposed to any shift away from the traditional status of women (A woman's, 1994, p. 11). Islamic patterns and values have been embodied in Iranian culture since Islam became their religion, Islam being less of a dogma than it is a way of life. What is traditional and what is Islamic have been closely identified with each other in everyday life and in interpersonal relationships. Most transgressions of tradition are transgressions of the religious code at the same time.

The female role in Iran most frequently is one that has been shaped by religion (Knudten, 1992, pp. 15-22). In other words, the role of the Iranian female is the role proscribed by Islam. This role can be characterized in terms of conduct. While single, the female remains under the social control and financial protection of the male members of her family and does not engage in socializing with non family males. Parents have the final decision in selecting a woman's husband, but she must be consulted. As a wife, the primary role of the female is to provide a comfortable, loving, and harmonious home for her husband and children. The chief responsibility for family decision-making, however, falls to the husband. At all stages in a woman's life, she is considered to be the intellectual and spiritual equal of men, and, at all stages in her life, she is expected to seek a spiritual education. It is in the social arena where her scope of interaction is more limited than that of men. Specifically, her role typically is limited first to the role of daughter, followed by the higher status of wife and mother. Women in...

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