The estimated population of the People's Republic of China in 1991 approximated 1,110,000,000 (Hunter, 1994, pp. 355-357). The country's population target for 2000 is 1,270,000,000. In the 1990s, 75.1 percent of China's population resides in rural areas, 24.9 percent in urban areas. Thus, the typical Chinese would be described as a rural dweller. In must be remembered, however, that the urban/rural distribution of the population is changing relatively rapidly. Fifteen years ago, almost 85 percent of the Chinese resided in rural areas. The typical Chinese is also a relatively young person. Almost one-half (46.07 percent) of the population is under age 20, and almost two-thirds (63.7 percent) are under age 30 (Waddle, 1993, pp. 59-96).

Income in China is determined largely by the type of work unit to which an individual is assigned. There is also a wide variation in incomes between urban and rural work units, and between state-owned work units and privately-owned work units. In 1989, the average annual income for an urban worker in a state-owned work unit was Y968, while that for an urban worker in a privately-owned work unit was Y1,373. Privately-owned work units employed only 440,000 persons out of total urban workforce of more than 128 million, thus, the average annual income for urban workers in state-owned work units is a more typical figure.

The cost of housing for urban workers approximates one-percent of

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