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Incorporation of Racial and Ethnic Groups

Thus, while American public schools provide the language training, and indoctrination on social behaviors 3acceptable in the United States, they often fail to provide immigrant groups students with opportunities for full social intercourse in American life. The result of this action is to asure that minority group students are often either not sufficiently prepared, or will not be socially acceptable for complete assimilation in American society. In this manner, the American public schools, as an instrument of society, discriminate against minority group members, by assuring that they will not likely be assimilated into the broader majority society in the United States.

There is really nothing inconsistent about the statement that public schools in the United States serve to both assimilate and discriminate against minority group children. The seeming contradiction is even logical at one level. The majority population in the United States wants immigrants to the United States to learn to speak the English language as it is spoken in this country, and they want immigrants to behave in socially acceptable ways. What they do not want, for the graeater part, is for minority group persons to become a part of the mainstream social life of the American majority.

Gordon, M. M. (1964). Assimilation in American life. New York: Oxford University Press.

(16,1) The notion of a youth culture was quite conclusively supported by empirical research carried out by Hollingshead, Gordon, and Coleman. What insights into student subcultures did their studies provide? What kind of changes in students' norms and values, if any, do you think would be revealed by subsequent studies?

The social integration of people into groups must be analyzed within the context of a framework of questions. These questions ask (1) of whom? (2) into what form? (3) from what state? (4) along what lines? (5) to what end? and (6) with what meaning? In...

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