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What is Proposal Methodology?

Examples of questions include: "I frequently rely on TV to gather financial information," "I frequently rely on radio to gather financial information," "I frequently rely on newspapers to gather financial information,' "I frequently rely on the Internet to gather financial information,' and "I frequently rely on other sources to gather financial information."

All subjects will be recruited on a volunteer basis according to availability. This convenience sample will be chosen since there are appropriate subjects to choose from, locally. Although this sample is not random, it is considered to be representative of the population of Hispanics in South Florida, which allows for the generalization of results to other similar subjects. Subjects will be chosen to participate in the study based on their use of a local financial institution. A letter of instruction and copy of the survey will be distributed to financial advisors of a local financial institution, to be handed out to customers using the services of the institution. Included in the packet will be a self-addressed envelope. Those willing to participate will be instructed to complete packet contents and return them to the investigator, by mail. The experimenter will hand-score the questionnaires and compute statistical results.

Subjects will be informed that their participation is voluntary and they may choose not to participate without negative repercussions. Confidentiality will be maintained with the use of identification numbers in place of names.

Descriptive statistics, including frequencies and distributions will be used to describe the sample. The Pearson correlation coefficient, "r," will be used to analyze the data and determine the relationship between mass media and wealth management sales. A correlation coefficie


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