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International Market Opportunity by AOL

AOL has approximately 29 million subscribers in North America (principally in the United States) and Western Europe. AOL also owns Compuserve Interactive Services and has operations in several countries outside of North America and Western Europe. AOL subsidiaries that provide ISP services in separate countries provide access to the AOL backbone network. AOL subsidiaries provide ISP services in Japan, Canada, several European countries, and several Latin American countries. The Company is in the early stages of offering services in China (Time Warner, Inc., 2005a).

AOL acquired the wireless technologies firm Wildseed (based in the United States) to expand AOL's own wireless division. Wildseed provides mobile Linux-based operating system services. AOL also acquired Xdrive (another American company. Xdrive is an online storage and backup services provider. AOL expanded into digital music services with the acquisition of MusicNow, which has been renames AOL Music Now (Time Warner, Inc., 2005a).

AOL is the target of other major players in the Internet business sector. Comcast (an American cable television and ISP company), Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo have shown interest in acquiring all or parts of AOL (Hoover's, Inc., 2005c).

AOL owns several online businesses that are not associated with the proprietary AOL network. These companies include the following (Time Warner, Inc., 20


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