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Crime-fighting Technique of Law Enforcers

This practice is always bad from the point of view of human rights, and there is no evidence that it enhances security or crime fighting.

The current Bush Administration's use of racial profiling against men of Middle Eastern origin after the terrorist attacks of 9/11 were determined to have been committed by Arabs has been utterly bankrupt from a law enforcement point of view. It provides a textbook example of the dangers that racial profiling pose to human liberty. Of the more than 1500 Arab immigrants picked up by United States law enforcement in the time since the Twin Towers disaster not a single conviction has been attained in court for any terrorist act by these detainees, although many defendants were deported for non-violent visa violations. The one conviction was overturned on appeal.

But the systematic mistreatment of foreigners of Middle Eastern origin on the grounds of security in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington brings up another corollary point that further illustrates the dangers of using race or national origin as the prime criteria for suspicion of criminal guilt.

That issue is the erosion of civil liberties in general in a time of national paranoia. The ill-named Patriot Act essentially gutted the Bill of Rights, allowing governmental snoops to monitor such things as what books you buy or borrow from the library, as well as giving the government greater power to eavesdrop on your phone and monitor email traffic. It also significantly reduced the need for warrants and the oversight of courts when law enforcement decides someone is suspicious and worthy of being monitored.

While a master's degree is increasingly required for high officials in law enforcement, such as police chiefs, no one could creditably claim that street cops or even the personnel of the federal security forces are highly educated, especially in the realms of anthropology or sociology that are the disciplin...

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