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The Behavioral Approach: Definition and Research

Specifically, Engelking explicated a behavioral model that could be used to teach principals how to communicate high standards and expectations to teachers and staff as well as to create a positive school atmosphere.

Another area of concern to the educational system involves problematic student behavior. One such problem is school phobia, a specific fear of going to school. According to Kauffman (1982), school phobia is believed to be due to traumatic incidents occurring at school; e.g. the child might have experienced threatening demands for academic or social performance. As a result of these traumatic episodes, the child then seeks to avoid school and to remain in the refuge and protection of home. Kauffman (1982) reports that:

Behavior principles have been used quite successfully to remediate the problem of school phobia. (p.248)

In an interesting application of the behavioral approach to an educational matter, Rachel and Myers (1988) designed a behavior-based assessment model by which educators cannot only assess but improve their school image. The authors state that the assessment model can be used to determine a school's perceived social behavior style and its level of versatile behavior. This knowledge, in turn can make for improvement in school management and in the school's relationship to the community.

Another problematic aspect of student behavior in schools is violence. wheeler (1989) discusses a behavioral program developed to deal with violence in the schools. One aspect of the program delineates characteristics of the type of person believed to be effective in handling school violence. Among the listed characteristics are: intelligence; positive attitudes toward children and young people; high expectations for students; cognitive flexibility; the capability of understanding another's perspective, insights, feelings and perceptions; and strong interpersonal skills.

The program teaches persons with th...

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