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Lists Premises

If the criminal justice system makes half the mistakes in non-capital cases it makes in capital cases, thousands of

Innocent people live in our prisons.

In the 1990s, Texas added more people to prisons (98,081)

than New York's entire prison population (73,233).

If prisons are a cure for crime, Texas should have

mightily outperformed New York from a crime-control

From 1990 to 1998 the decline in New York's crime rate

exceeded the decline in Texas's crime rate by 26 percent.

It is futile to be overly-reliant on prisons as a

Citizens in all 50 states should be able to take part

fully in selecting our nation's leaders.

In most presidential elections more than half the states

Voters in so-called swing states are in effect

bystanders in these quadrennial events.

An Amendment to the U.S> Constitution should replace the

archaic electoral vote system with a direct vote.

Congress should be allowed to regulate any crime so

long as the nationwide, aggregated impact of that crime has substantial effects on employment, production, transit or

Congress should be able to regulate gender-motivated

Gender├╣motivated violence, as a subset of all violent crime, is certain to have lesser economic impacts than

the larger class of which it is a part.

Congress should be able to regulate murder or any other type of violent crime.

The Supreme Court will only uphold federal racial set-

asides in light of convincing evidence of past

discrimination by the federal government itself.

For almost 20 years, the federal government itself has

been discriminating in favor of minority contracts

The Supreme Court is likely to doom the federal policy in this regard.

Science can know nothing about any fact or truth

Science can therefore have nothing to say on these matters.

Disobedience to the State is disobedience of parents.


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