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Brief Essays on Several Premises

People who marry the person they love do not always love

that person or have a successful marriage.

The entire tax system depends upon the vast majority of

people who attempt to pay the taxes they owe.

People pay taxes when they have confidence that they are being treated fairly and that their competitors and neighbors are also paying what is due.

If people conclude that the IRS cannot meet these basic

expectations, the risk to the tax system will be high and the effects difficult to reverse.

Since 1976, states in the United States have executed

612 people and released 81 from death row who were found to be innocent.

The criminal justice system is not accurate in capital cases.

There is no reason to believe that the non-capital

criminal justice system is more accurate than the

If the criminal justice system makes half the mistakes in non-capital cases it makes in capital cases, thousands of

Innocent people live in our prisons.

In the 1990s, Texas added more people to prisons (98,081)

than New YorkÆs entire prison population (73,233).

If prisons are a cure for crime, Texas should have

mightily outperformed New York from a crime-control

From 1990 to 1998 the decline in New YorkÆs crime rate

exceeded the decline in TexasÆs crime rate by 26 percent.

It is futile to be overly-reliant on prisons as a


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