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Vietnam War in U.S

The entire country was united behind the war effort, or so we were led to believe. Vietnam, on the other hand, had no real emotional causes to fight for, and it seemed to be a war without end. Also, thanks to the developments of communications technology, this was the first war that could be watched on television, and that let the American people actually see dying and destruction that was not rehearsed.

As this continued, it became apparent to the American people that the government was lying. One person who presents this argument of deceit and falsehood is Daniel Ellsberg. In his book which is a sort of memoir, he details his growing awareness of the lie that is America and his gradual rejection of that lie. Ellsberg tells us how he had to learn to reject as arrogant and stupid, the lies that had been told to the public and to Congress by six presidents.

It was Ellsberg who became known as the man who released the Pentagon Papers and made AmericaĂs duplicity public. In his words, when he discovered the documents, he saw that it was a ˘damning confirmation of the worst fears of the anti-war movement, and provided overwhelming evidence of the cynical, manipulative, and deceitful character of our government and its deceit to its own people regarding its involvement÷ (Ellsberg, 2002, 118).

This revelation, and others at the time, led to the serious campus rev


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