MMPI-2 Interpretation of Assessing Personality and Psychopathology
Larry is alienated from his family and seems to have a life history of being disconnected with others. He has never dated and is undifferentiated in his sexuality, although he is somewhat preoccupied with sexual fantasies. This is a source of worry for him, never having relationships with women. He has not been popular with others and lacks social skill, a source of great pain. He does not feel as if he is a part of the mainstream of life, missing out on the general satisfactions that ordinary people seem to enjoy.

One is generally cautious about rendering a diagnosis of schizophrenia on the basis of only one test score, but Larry's high score in Scale 8 is indicative of tendencies in this direction. He has no history of mental illness, yet he exhibits hallucinations. His score is likely to be indicative of acute psychological turmoil with a schizoid life-style as a possibility (Graham, 2000, 79). Larry is plagued with self-doubt and feels confusion in general.

Of particular concern is Larry's high score in Bizarre Mentation. He has an awareness that he does not fit into the mainstream and is angry about this, retreating into paranoid beliefs that others can read his mind or that he can control others with his thoughts. There is the possibility that he was sexually abused in his family. Larry is extremely mistrustful of others, not even trusting himself because his thoughts and impulses are out of control. This far he ha

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