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MMPI-2 Interpretation of Assessing Personality and Psychopathology

Larry feels that others are out to get him, and with his hallucinations, he is highly anxious about which predators are real and which are imagined. The severity of his difficulties interferes with his work. Larry feels negative about work and his ability to work. His energy is low; his concentration is low; and he often has severe headaches, which interfere with his ability to focus on simple tasks. Because of his inner struggles, he is prone to poor judgment and errors on the job.

Larry is highly anxious and pessimistic about his prospects in life. He feels inferior, like a failure, and often thinks of suicide as a way out of his dilemma. He vacillates between blaming himself and blaming others (Graham, 2000, 151). Larry is miserable and unhappy about his life, and thinks that his parents' divorce caused him tremendous life difficulties. He would like to have a normal life, with marriage and a family but feels that his family gave him no role models. His life is a strain and he is angry about being rejected by so many people and important situations.

Larry's high Hostility score makes him vulnerable to getting into trouble with other people, even with the law. He has internalized a high degree of hostility towards others, and has become suspicious and mistrusting towards others, making it difficult for him to interact in ordinary social and business situations. He has a very poor self-concept and is not at all well adjusted psychologically.

Larry's extremely low scores in Dominance and Responsibility are consistent with general alienation from society. He is cool, disconnected from human interaction. He has lost all drive for achievement and is inadequate in handling life's challenges. Larry seems extremely uncertain about how is supposed to behave and copes by quietly retreating into fantasies and delusion. It is unknown, but possible that his mental and emotional retreats include alcohol abuse. Larry has no c...

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