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An Analysis on the Expansion and Development of Mirage Resorts

The number of resorts in actual operation by the company is one such factor. Relying only on the number of resorts, however, does not account for the level of investment required for the development of the resorts in any given year. A better representation of the expansion and development activity at the company for purposes of assessing the impact of this activity on operational performance at Mirage Resorts is the net capital expenditures by the company in a given fiscal period.

In this analysis, the impact of the expansion and development activity at Mirage Resorts on the company's operational performance will be assessed through the application of quantitative analysis to the appropriate financial data. There are several statistical procedures which are used in the testing of hypotheses. Three procedures which are widely used are (1) analysis of variance (ANOVA), (2) linear regression analysis, and (3) correlation analysis.

Analysis of variance is a statistical technique that assesses the effects of one or more categorical independent variables (factors), measured at any level upon a continuous dependent variable that is usually assumed to be measured at an interval level. In other words, an attempt is made to explain the movement in a dependent variable through the analysis of movements in independent, or explanatory, variables. The interval level requirement for measurement of the dependent variable means that an equality of interval exists between the points on the scale with which the variable is measured.

A major difference between the analysis of variance procedure and regression analysis is that, in analysis of variance, the emphasis is on analysis of the variations in the independent variable, as opposed to the joint interaction of the variations in dependent and independent variables. One result of this difference in emphasis is that, in regression analysis, both the independent and the dependent variables ...

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