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What it Feels to be a Senior Citizen?

For example the Department of Labor distributed Title V funds under the Older Americans Act of 1967, fostering the work-oriented Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP), (Senior, 2003). Only three grantees were chosen in the United States, including the National Council of Senior Citizens (NCSC), an organization that helped launch Senior Service America. In 1968, the NCSC represented cities and employed 40 people, but today it is operated by Senior Service American and employees 15,000 people in communities across America, (Senior, 2003). However, the origins of Senior Service America stem from a senior political interest group that preceded it and was responsible for helping win passage of the Medicare Act, the National Council for Senior Citizens for Health Insurance under Medicare.

Two major events in seniors political activism during the 1980s and early 1990s show the relationship between seniors organization and powerful interest lobbies. Dan Rostenkowski, Chairman of the Republican party, helped usher in the Catastrophic-Care Law of 1988 during what President Ronald Reagan hailed as the most significant 'expansion to Medicare since its inception in 1965,' (Gettinger, 1995, p. 2950). A mail campaign to seniors, orchestrated by the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare, convinced seniors they were being fleeced through higher premiums. As such, a 'storm of protest swept Capitol Hill,' with 195 members changing their votes the next year resulting in an appeal of the law, (Gettinger, 1995, p. 2950). In actuality, the seniors organization and the mailing were spearheaded by James Roosevelt, eldest son of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, which resulted in an attack on legislators that caused Senate Minority whip Alan K. Simpson to declare, 'We're not confused; we're terrorized,' (Gettinger, 1995, p. 2950).

We see in the above example that seniors are powerful en masse to legislators...

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