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West Nations Shoulders the Blame

N. to warn the Rwandan President of what was occurring. Of course, it was President Habyarimana himself that had ordered the genocide, so the warning fell on deaf ears (Hentoff 1).

As the world stood by, unwilling to send even a few thousand peacekeepers to Rwanda, in 1994 the Hutu government carried out the most grisly and efficient killing spree in the history of mankind. To mark the beginning of their rampage, the Hutu marauders kidnapped, tortured, and mutilated 10 Belgian peacekeepers as a warning to the Western world to not interfere. Then, roadblocks were set up and death squads took to the streets (Haynes). Over the course of one hundred days, government storm troopers used firearms, machetes, and even garden implements to massacre between 800,000 and one million ethnic Tutsis and politically moderate Hutus. In effect, the government attempted to exterminate the minority ethnicity in Rwanda (Power). As the genocide unfolded, UNAMIR withdrew from their compounds and stood idly by as those Tutsis who had sought their protection were literally hacked apart (Haynes).

As the Rwandan genocide unfolded, President Clinton stood by and did nothing. This was especially galling in light of Clinton's speech during the dedication of the Holocaust museum on the Mall in Washington D.C. In April of 1993, Clinton announced that 'The evil represented in this museum is incontestable, but as we are its witness, so must we remain its adversary in the world in which we live" (Hentoff 3). One short year later, this very same evil reared its ugly head in Rwanda and perpetrated the quickest and most efficient massacre in the history of the planetùand the United States, self proclaimed adversary to the holocaust and genocide, stood idly by and sent blankets and food to comfort the survivors. The sheer hypocrisy involved in America's failure to act in Rwanda is, to this day, startling and galling. During the height of the Rwandan genoc...

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