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Social Development Approach

3338). At the highest level, political philosophy develops criteria for the appraisal of social institutions in the context of a theory of human interests (Etzioni, 1968, p. 111).

The Evolution of The Political Philosophy

The history of political philosophy is the succession of ideas concerning the organization of humanity into collectives (Etzioni, 1968, p. 143). Political philosophy is philosophical in character because it is concerned with values, as well as with description. The principal emphasis of political philosophers has been the definition of justice, together with the conceptualization methods for its perpetuation (Bellah, et al, 1991, pp. 193194, 245247).

As noted above, new developments in political philosophy most often occur during periods of political crisis. This character of the development of political philosophy has often robbed it of needed consistency (Chaissen, 1987, p. 145). As a result, political philosophy is often based on intuitive arguments, a fact which degrades it in comparison to other philosophical thought.

Political philosophers like to think that contemporary political theories derive from enduring values (Bellah, et al, 1991, pp. 136137). Indeed, such a situation is deemed highly desirable by moral philosophers such as Alasdair MacIntyre (1984, p. vii). In actuality, however, as noted above, political philosophers are often more apt to reform values to conform with contemporary political practices than they are to reform contemporary political practices to conform with enduring values.

Political philosophy is assumed to have had its beginnings in the Greek citystate. Because of the small size of these citystates, political deliberations could occur and political decisions could be made in facetoface situations by all individuals concerned. Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle provided the enduring values associated with the political philosophy developed in the Greek city...

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