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What is the Effect of Affirmative Action Policy in American Society?

Asian Pacific Americans are a growing segment of the U.S. population. Nevertheless, those claiming affirmative action is unnecessary to provide equal opportunities fail to see the issues created for recent minority groups living in the U.S. Such growing portions of the population such as Hispanic Americans and Asian Americans have traditionally been overlooked even from a minority perspective. African Americans and women have traditionally benefited from Affirmative Action, but these newer groups of immigrants still face discrimination in many cases. One study reported in The Journal of Higher Education on affirmative action and diversity at college campuses concludes, 'Asian Pacific Americans are the invisible population in American higher education, or the missing minority in the collegiate racial discourse' (Inkelas 2003, 602). Clearly there is still progress to be made before women and minorities face an equal playing field.

Despite discrimination against women and minorities being officially sanctioned by the American social system for more than 200 years, those who are against affirmative action point to all the gains that have been made by women and minorities from advances brought about by the civil rights movement and programs like affirmative action. However, those who are empowered politically and institutionally are forgetting that those advances were made only because of programs like affirmative action and not some dynamic of the marketplace or chance. Nationally, the backlash against affirmative action continues to grow and the passage of Proposition 209 in California demonstrates that many think the time has come to do away with programs aimed at fairness for all people. Yet, there is a long way to go before there is equal opportunity for all Americans when it comes to economic, academic, and political matters, 'This current anti-affirmative action movement continues to remind women and people of color that tru...

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