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Defining what Learning Disabilities Is

For example, Hurford, Johnston, Nepote, Hampton, Moore, Mueller, McGeorge, Huff and Awad (1994) assessed 486 first-quarter first graders on their reading and phonological-processing skills and intelligence. Based on this assessment, and using the classification data from prior research, 99 children were identified as specifically being at risk for reading difficulties.

An intervention was then provided to the children with successful results. Hurford and associates (1994) concluded that their findings suggested that it is possible to identify children at risk for reading difficulties and to then significantly improve their phonological-processing and reading abilities.

In another similar study, Hurford, Schauf, Bunce, Blaich and Moore (1994) examined the development of phonological and reading skills in 171 students (98 males, 73 females) from the beginning of first grade (Time 1) to the end of second grade (Time 4). Based on their reading and intelligence scores at the end of second grade, these students were placed into three groups: nondisabled (ND), reading disabled (RD), or garden-variety poor reading (GV) groups. Although each group made gains in phonological processing, large differences were found between the ND and RD/GV groups.

The RD and GV groups performed similarly on many of the tasks. Consistent with the literature, it was found that intelligence did not differentiate between good and poor readers. However, the most important finding was said to be that reader-group membership at Time 4 could be very accurately determined from students' Time 1 scores. All of the children in the RD and GV groups were correctly identified, and only 3 of the 148 ND children were misclassified, indicating that children at risk for reading difficulties can be very accurately identified very early in their academic experiences.

Related to the foregoing is the fact that even if valid tests are developed for the early detecti...

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