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Literacy Process The commodification of literacy is only o

As can be seen by the conclusion to unit 10, literacy is one element that stands in different relations to different individuals and social classes and thus is not the same to all people. It is not the only element in human society to have this quality, for many aspects of culture have different meaning to different social groups within the larger society. The issue here is literacy, however, and it becomes a political act to define even a minimum level of literacy for education when it applies to all students and thus to all social classes. We have to recognize that while we may set up a minimum level of literacy and an accepted definition of literacy, ultimately individuals and members of different social groups will apply these concepts differently in their lives. Society makes these decisions first by marginalizing those who do not come up to an accepted level. Social stratification occurs in part on the basis of educational level and thus on degrees of literacy. Educators accept that there is a certain level of literacy required to get a job, and that different levels of ability mean a different job ceiling for each student. Some students resist learning based on the view of their particular social group regarding reading and learning. Students have one social identity when they are in school, but when they are in the job market they may have a very different one base


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