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Literacy the General Commodification of Education

Freire's method has been demonstrated to be highly effective in situations where other methods have failed or proven inadequate, such as the teaching of peasants to read and write, something Freire has managed to do in a relatively short period of time. His method involves connecting content with context, something that our schools too often fail to do by indulging in the simpler task of rote learning and bitting. Freire sees learning to read in terms of a process of humanization, of becoming more human and thus more directly in control of one's own destiny. Freire sees literacy as a political act and as producing the conditions for further political action at one and the same time. Literacy is a mediating influence making a new form of consciousness possible, a new relation between the individual and society.

Freire emphasizes the act of learning as a shared experience between teacher and learner, and the two enter into a dialogue and come to understand themselves and the world better. Freire organized cultural circles in the villages where he taught. The methods can be and have been adapted to other regions, including Canada, and what is most important in Freire is the idea of developing a sense of empowerment within groups as well as within individuals. The dialogue that must take place between student and teacher is a dialogue that fits with the belief in texting, in challenging what is accepted and in examining the text in a way that taches one to question and understand rather than to repeat given knowledge.

Both Freire and Ong believe that literacy transforms consciousness. Ong believes that the development of literacy itself was a shift in conscious that was inevitable. Freire is more interested in the immediate effects in the contemporary world of the development of literacy. Ong sees literacy as liberating, and Freire sees it as leading to liberation when it is properly induced. Freire's emphasis on learnin...

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