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A Research Proposal on Critical Thinking Strategy

There appears to be an assumption by proponents of critical thinking that, through teaching based on a coverage strategy, young people have received information that they are unable to apply, and that, through the use of critical thinking strategies, these same young people would then be able to apply their knowledge (Paul, 1990). To date, there is little research to substantiate the effects of employing a critical thinking model as a teaching strategy in the classroom.

Statement of the Purpose A valid concern exists as to whether an increased emphasis on critical thinking strategies in the classroom would lead to greater mastery of basic skills or exacerbate an already intolerable situation. The purpose of the proposed research study will be to determine the effects of the use of a critical thinking model as a teaching strategy to elicit the application of basic skills by secondary students. Therefore, an answer to the following question will be sought through the conduct of the proposed research: What effect does the use of a critical thinking model, employed as a teaching strategy, have on the application of language arts skills by secondary school students?

With respect to the proposed research study, the researcher assumed that instances of the application of critical thinking models in secondary school classrooms in Texas are publicized sufficiently to facilitate the selection of an adequate research sample. The researcher assumes further that a representative sample of the secondary schools wherein critical thinking models

are being applied in language arts instruction will agree to participate in the proposed research study.

The latitude accorded both public school districts and individual teachers in Texas with respect to the selection of teaching strategies implies that a number of different critical thinking models may be expected to be applied in language arts instruction in public secondary schools within ...

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