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Critical Thinking Strategy Proposal

" Glaser (1985) also held that critical thinking encompassed a knowledge of the methods of logical inquiry and

reasoning, and a mastery of the skills required to apply these methods.

Chaffee (1987, p. 40) held that critical thinking is "making sense of our world." Chaffee (1992, p. 26) also stated that critical thinking is a process by which students both "master information" and "develop a progressive understanding of the process used in each discipline to generate and think about information."

Paul (1990, pp. 45) stated that critical thinking is an approach to higherorder learning that "multiplies comprehension and insight." Paul (1990) provided a definition of critical thinking that encompasses the generally agreed upon dimensions of critical thinking in contemporary societyperfections of thought, elements of thought, and domains of thought. Paul (1990, pp. 910) defined critical thinking as

. . disciplined, selfdirected thinking that exemplifies the perfections of thinking appropriate to a particular domain of thought. It comes in two forms. If disciplined to serve the interests of a particular individual or group, to the exclusion of other persons and groups, it is sophistic or weaksense critical thinking. If disciplined to take into account the interests of diverse persons or groups, it is fairminded or strongsense critical thinking.

White (1991) contended that student achievement is, to a great extent, the pro


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