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World of Telecommunications: BT

S. market, through MCI's access to the local loop, due to FCC liberalization (Donlon, 1997). If the WorldCom bid were to succeed as announced, the hole in BT's world-wide strategy would be cavernous.

The analysis which follows will first detail the specific marketing, advertising, and promotion campaigns for the most important products and services of BT. The description of these marketing and advertising initiatives will be in chronological order focusing primarily on the period between 1996 and the present. The report will conclude with an overview of BT's marketing and advertising options both nationally and internationally with or without MCI and WorldCom.

Residential Telephone Marketing and Advertising

The telecommunications services industry in Britain was privatized in 1984 (Moor, 1996). Up until that time if you lived in Great Britain and were unlucky enough to need a new telephone, you would have faced a wait of up to six months. And once BT arrived at your door you could have had the phone anywhere you wanted as long as it was in the hallway (Lynch, 1966).

When BT went private, a second company, called Mercury was formed. A government review of telecommunication policy in 1991 led to the end of this BT and Mercury Communications duopoly of fixed line domestic


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