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"Miami Vice" TV Series of Network Television

Butler cites the city of Miami was "virtually a character in its own right" in the series. The series opening title sequenceù-a montage of palm trees, pink flamingoes, and women in bikinisùworked as an advertisement for Miami's tourist industry. The city of Miami originally protested the shooting of the series in Miami, objecting to the show's "glamorization of Miami's chronic crime problems" (Sargent) City officials, however, soon changed their minds, realizing that the show was largely responsible for the revitalization of run-down Miami Beach, and embraced the series as Miami Beach became once again a trendy, resort playground for the fashionable and rich. The appeal of the show was not its drug plots and criminal characters, but the city's pastel-colored landscape, sun-baked beaches with beautiful young women in bikinis and even Cuban-American street festivals. The romantic sheen of the landscape may have been especially appealing to young people living in less exotic climates. When the show's originator, producer-director Michael Mann was asked what was distinctive about the show, he replied, "no earth tones" (Sargent).

Butler argues that "Miami Vice" drew its stylistic inspiration from the film noir genre of movies, incorporating high contrast lighting, unconventional camera angles, and deep focus shots to create dynamic visual compositions that looked unlike anything else on TV at the time. Mann's aesthetic vision had a great deal to do with the look. He was one of the first to adopt cinematic production values for television. Aside from the color coordination of the show using primarily pink, lime green and aqua, Mann and his camera crew used reflection shots off car hoods, sunglasses, and water; this was one of the first timesùif not the first-that reflections shots were used as part of television format productions. An example is Sonny Crockett driving (fast naturally) to the music of Phil Collins, the top down on his Fe...

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