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Media Resources for the World War II

A Literary Digest article from November 21, 1931, indicated that the situation in Germany was growing more serious at that time. By then, Hitler and his Nazi Party had become internationally known. This article again maintained an objective tone while at the same time giving subtle warnings about Hitler's rise to power. This message was emphasized by the inclusion of a photograph of a stern-looking Hitler giving his famous Nazi salute. It was noted that although Hitler claimed that he wanted peace, at the same time, he warned the world "against the folly of the illusion that it is possible to erect the structure of peace on foundations continually eaten away by the cancer of exacting reparations" ("States His Case" 15). In this way, the article indicated that the Nazis would fight against the forces that it found corrupt in the world, including American capitalism. However, it may be noted that this threat is described in Hitler's words rather than in the author's own words.

In 1932, the Nazi Party continued to systematically gain control over both the German government and its people. At that time, Americans had become strongly interested in knowing more about the personality and ideologies of Adolf Hitler. This can be seen in the fact that the Atlantic Monthly ran a two-part article on Hitler's life and thought in its March 1932 and April 1932 issues. Among other things, this article explained the perspectives of Hitler as contained in his book Mein Kampf, such as his hatred for Jews, and his desire for Germany to "acquire more land in Europe" (Fairweather Part I 515). The fact that Hitler was a powerful and potentially dangerous leader could be seen in the Atlantic Monthly's quote: "Whatever may be the ultimate consequences of his leadership for good or evil, there can be no doubt that he has exploited his philosophy in masterly fashion; through it he has made himself a force that will have to be reckoned with in Germa...

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