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Bill Gates & Paul Allen of Microsoft: Business Principles

In fact, hiring professionals instead of amateurs at key positions in the company might have fostered an even more powerful organization. Or the company might have become bogged down in traditional thinking, which would not have enabled it to achieve the success it did.

Today, the company exists in a very different environment than it did when it was initially started. The vision that Gates and Allen had of personal computers providing economically valuable tools to consumers and business professionals alike has come to pass, and computers now link geographically dispersed individuals. Consumers of all ages and from various backgrounds are now technically literate, although most Americans do not yet have a computer in the home, and most businesses rely on computers to perform some essential aspect of their operation.

Where Microsoft once prided itself on "taking on" the large companies, it is now one of the behemoths which it previously tried to best. The company has been embroiled in lawsuits since its earliest days (when it sued Altair), and the results have been mixed, with suits against Microsoft by Apple, regarding the graphical user interface of Windows, and by other companies, regarding the company's business practices.

The political and legal environment today is very different than it was in the mid-1970s, as well, although legal guideline


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