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Dispute Resolution and Quaker Oats

Mediation is particularly effective when it is desirable to maintain the relationship between the parties involved. Mediation offers the parties an opportunity to take charge of the process. Once the parties agree on the mediator, the process is designed by the parties to fit their individual needs. The process is initiated by the parties, and can be ended by either party. One of the key factors of mediation is its informality. The effectiveness of mediation works is attributable to "the fact that each side takes an ownership in the result" (LaMothe, 1993, p. 4). Most mediation programs where results are tracked experience a disposition rate of between 75 to 90 percent (Penna, 1993, p. 34).

2. Arbitration. Arbitration can be part of a formal internal grievance procedure outlined in employee manuals or handbooks, or arbitration can be informal, so that it is proposed when a company is confronted with a formal agency charge or lawyer's demand letter on behalf of an employee (Goldstein & Payson, 1995, p. 38). Arbitration can be structured to lead to voluntary arbitration on an ad hoc basis, or to mandatory arbitration. On an ad hoc basis, voluntary arbitration can be suggested after a dispute has arisen and all other internal grievance procedures have failed. Mandatory arbitration, then, can be the so-called "final step" for dispute resolution by incorporating such requirements in handbooks or employment contracts. Arbitration is usually based on the mutual agreement of the parties. A final decision or award is made, which is binding and enforceable as a judgment in all 50 states, barring any claims of bias or lack of due process (Goldstein & Payson, 1995, p. 39). Arbitration has been found to reduce attorneys' fees and settlement costs (Society For Human Resource Management, 1994b, p. 3). One study found that such savings typically amounted to 20 percent (Society For Human Resource Management, 1994a, p. 3).

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