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McDonald's: A Marketing Strategy Study

If Bill Clinton were reinventing cookies or computer software instead of government, he'd be the quintessential Nineties entrepreneur (Fierman, 1993, 80).

This article is quoted because it is one of the 900+ articles in the McDonald's Hamburger U reading list, and it defines exactly how McDonald's feels about its customers: it loves them.

In food technology terms, McDonald's menu is called "Shallow and Broad." The shallow part comes from the fact that McDonald's is beef-oriented (62 percent of the hard products) and sausage supported (27 percent of the hard products) and only 11 percent chicken. It is considered "broad" because it has mechanized the preparation of these items for volume rather than quality. For instance, take one pound of hamburger. Divide it into nine equal parts and you get the basic McDonald's hamburger.

Divide it instead into five equal parts and you get the "Quarter-Pounder." Salt it, water it, and freeze it and the extra weight comes in. Cooking the hamburger is broken down into 112 different steps in the Hamburger U guidebook, and is complete with such details as how to hold the spatula, how to turn the burgers, and other by-the-number instructions. This kind of efficiency is important, since the McDonald's customer wants speed first, followed by a clean place to sit, followed by some room for the kids. In fact, last on the list is taste.

As stated before, McDonald's is the second-most

recognized brand in the world - only Coke (which McDonald's serves) is more recognized. This is because of its customer strategies, the first of which is studying what makes a customer tick and then putting that information into television commercials and marketing campaigns to get the customer in the door.

McDonald's TV commercials (some $400 million a year worth) last about three weeks, and are usually split equally among generic (institutional), special product, age, gender, and ethnic focused. Onc...

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